North Korea Tours - Places of Interest

North Korea Tours are not precisely the most common tours and the DPRK is certainly not a common country. The sheer lack of advertisements in the streets, the portraits of the "Great Leaders" all around the country, the almost omnipresent political banners and slogans and an everlasting list of other aspects that shape this country into a category we can only label as unique, make North Korea an extremely interesting place to visit.

Below is a list of sites tourists are taken to when travelling on one of our North Korea tours. Please bear in mind that itineraries may alter slightly. This is why we strongly recommend you point out if there are any places you would definitely not like to miss.

Please click on the images to see more details about some of the places you can visit on one of our North Korea tours.

Grand Monument Pyongyang

Mansudae Grand Monuments - towering over the North Korean capital on Mansudae Hill in the heart of Pyongyang, these gigantic bronze statues of the Leaders Kim Il Sung, officially the President of the DPRK, and General Kim Jong Il are visited daily by thousands and is one of our first stops in our North Korea tours.

dmz North Korea

DMZ - dividing Korea into a Northern communist and Southern capitalist, this, the most heavily armed borderline on Earth, is one of the last living remains of the Cold War. A highlight not to be missed if going on any North Korea tours.

Kim Il Sung Square Kim Il Sung Square - located in the heart of the capital of North Korea, this is the most important square in the DPRK and the one that appears in the media when military parades, mass rallies and demonstrations take place.
Party Foundation Monuments in North Korea Workers' Party Foundation Monument - this monument has a height of no less than 50 meters and Mass Dances tend to be held here on major national holidays in North Korea.
Juche Tower

Juche Tower - a symbol of the ideology around which the North Korean regime revolves. This tower stands at no less than 170 metres.

Grand People's Study House, Pyongyang The Grand People's Study House - one of the most important educational facilities in the DPRK, it has breath taking views of Kim Il Sung Square
North Korea Travel Chollima Statue Chollima Statue - located on Mansu Hill, this statue represents, based on the legend of this winged horse, the spirits of constant innovation and advancement which were especially emphasised upon in the re-construction of Pyongyang after the aftermath of the Korean War (1950-3).
Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery, North Korea Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery - dedicated to national heroes in the DPRK who fought for the liberation of Korea, this place has views of the capital of North Korea from a distance given its location.
Victorious Fatherland Liberation Museum north korea

Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum - with extremely vivid illustrations, weapons used during the Korean Civil War (1950-3) and scene reconstructions, it explains the DPRK's version of how the nation was liberated and how the US were defeated.

Myohyang North Korea

International Friendship Exhibition - two buildings full of gifts that have been sent to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. These come from across the world and each building has several floors.

Childrens' Palace in Pyongyang

Children's Palace - extremely talented children practice singing, dance, and play a wide variety of instruments here. Seeing them perform, whether rehearsing or in a show, at such young age is truly impressive.

Kimilsungia-Kimjungilia Flower Exhibition Centre

Kimilsungia-Kimjungilia Flower Exhibition Centre - two floors of the flowers named after the Kim Il Sung and his son Kim Jong Il combined with some other rare flowers. Many visitors and the national media covering the event to be seen.

Kaesong city centre Kaesong - capital of Koryo (918-1392), the first unified state of the Korean peninsula. Located 10 km from the DMZ. It is one of the only places in the DPRK where South Koreans are allowed and hosts a 1000 year old Confucian university now turned into the Koryo Museum.
Pyongyang Metro Pyongyang Metro - full of mosaic murals, chandeliers and even marble pillars in some stops, and on average 100 metres deep, the underground stations of Pyongyang are amongst the most impressive ones in the world. In this part of our North Korea tours you will be able to actually take the subway with local Pyongyites.
Mangyongdae - Kim Il Sung's Birthplace

Mangyondae - Kim Il Sung's birthplace. This rural house shows how Kim Il Sung spent his childhood years with family members and has photos of this period of his life.

USS Pueblo North Korea USS Pueblo - US navy ship that has been in North Korea since 1968. US sailors boarding this ship where released back home after 11 months on North Korean soil.
North Korea Arch of Triumph Arch of Triumph - not as old, but bigger than its Parisian counterpart. It commemorates Kim Il Sung's return to Korea after 20 years abroad fighting the Japanese.
Amusement park in North Korea Kaeson Evening Amusement Park - join in the fun with locals. This funfair is especially busy on national holidays in North Korea.
Tomb of King Tangun in North Korea Tomb of King Tangun - the founder of the first Kingdom on the Korean Peninsula.
Korean Film Studio

Korean Film Studio -
see where DPRK movies are filmed.
Married couple in the Pyongyang Folklore Park in DPRK (North Korea)
Pyongyang Folklore Park - opened to the public in 2012, this huge amusement park has replica tombs, pagodas, homes and mausoleums of different periods of Korea (dating back to pre-civilisation) as well as mini versions of todays most important monuments and buildings in the DPRK. It is popular amongst families and newly married couples.
Nampo Orphanage Nampo - port city located on the west coast of the DPRK. See a description of the main sites there are to see in this North Korean city.
nampho dam, North Korea West Sea Barrage - also known as the Nampho Dam. It has a length of 8 km and is a source of national pride in the DPRK.
Newly weds celebrate their marriage by President Kim Il Sung statue in Hamhung, the second largest city in the DPRK
Hamhung - second largest city in the DPRK. It is an industrial city located on the east side of the country and was opened to tourism in 2010.
Wonsan Central Square North Korea Wonsan - Main port city in North Korea. Going there will allow you to explore smaller counties and cities in the DPRK as you literally cross from one side of the country to the other!
Sariwon Folk Village Sariwon Folk Village Sariwon - discover the Korean Folk Village and see what life was like in ancient Korea.
Haeju, DPRK (North Korea)
Haeju - port city capital of South Hwanghae Province. The surrounding region is home to historical sites dating from the Koguryo State (founded 950 years before the Koryo Dynasty) and beautiful valleys and mountains.
Sinchon museum in North Korea
Sinchon - located in South Hwanghae Province, this county holds the US Atrocities Museum which, very graphically, shows the crimes that the DPRK claims that US soldiers committed here in the fall of 1950 shortly after the Korean War started.

Mount Kumgang -
located in the east of the DPRK. South Korea is close to this stunning part of the country. We arrange hiking and camping tours here as well as standard North Korea tours.
Heading on a cable car to Lake Chon in Mount Paektu, North Korea (DPRK)

Mount Paektu - a sacred place for Koreans and the highest mountain on the Korean peninsula. We arrange extensions on our regular North Korea tours and cycling trips here.

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