North Korea Hotels

North Korea Hotels are classified into different standards according to DPRK rating. The concept of stars is not used though there is an equivalent way to rate the quality of the accommodation in North Korea available to travellers.

Luxury hotels are the equivalent of 5 star hotels, though there is one hotel that is above this range; the Hyangsan Hotel. First class Hotels are the equivalent of 4 star hotels and second class hotels are the equivalent of 3 star hotels.

Please note that, generally speaking, hotels in Pyongyang are in are in better condition that those outside the capital of North Korea.

We have divided this section into hotels in different regions of the DPRK. These are the hotels mostly used in our trips but by no means all hotels we use. If you have any reviews regarding the accommodation please feel free to post a comment below each page!

If going on an independent trip in North Korea you may want to read this page when deciding on the accommodation that interests you.

You may want to refer too to our interactive map of North Korea to have a clearer idea of where each of these regions in located.

Pyongyang Hotels We are mainly based in Pyongyang on our trips to North Korea, especially if staying less than one week in the country. Please note that we have had travellers staying for example 4 nights in Korea and only a night in Pyongyang but these have been travellers who had been in the DPRK before and wanted to explore new areas out of Pyongyang.
South side

this covers accommodation in the cities of Sariwon, Nampo and Kaesong.

East side see information on accommodation in Hamhung and Wonsan.
Mt.Myohyang region this is where the Pohyon Temple and the International Friendship Exhibition Centre are located.


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