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Specialists in promoting tourism in North Korea, at KTG we organise tours to one of the world's most secretive and less visited destinations in the world; the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK, commonly known in the West as North Korea).

KTG video filmed in winter

KTG video shot during the May Day celebrations in Pyongyang

Our goals are to show you as many aspects as possible of North Korea and to maximise the level of interaction with locals, something we believe is attainable with our small sized groups.

About KTG

We are the forefront of promoting unique forms of tourism in North Korea whether it be spending 3 weeks studying in Pyongyang, working with local farmers or exploring the streets of Pyongyang by bike.

Our proximity to the DPRK allows us to travel there on a regular basis. We are also in daily contact with our Korean partners in both North Korea and in China and this allows us to push for new forms of tourism in the country.

We work directly with Pyongyang and provide tours in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese... To communicate with us you can do so in English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Korean as we have a strong multicultural team that will be able to deal with your enquiries.

Meet Our Team

We are in daily contact with our Korean partners in Pyongyang and have, over the years, earned their trust and built a solid relationship with them.

Upcoming Tours

Friendly North Korean soldier shaking hands at the DMZ with a KTG traveller

15 August is the anniversary of the independence of Korea from Japanese colonial rule

Liberation Day Tour I

Date: 13 August - 17/18 August

Duration: 4 nights / 5 days in DPRK

Application Deadline: 12 July

Places visited: Pyongyang, Mount Myohyang, Kaesong City and Sariwon City


Train in / Train out: €995
Plane in / Train out: €1055
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Performance by the Party Monument in Pyongang held by singers in North Korea to celebrate the Liberation of Korea from Japanese colonial rule (15 August). Picture taken by KTG. Join us to explore North Korea (DPRK)

Our Liberation Day Tour II includes a visit to the port city of Nampo on the west coast of Korea. We will stop at a cooperative farm on the way there

Liberation Day Tour II

Date: 13 August - 18/19 August

Duration: 5 nights / 6 days in DPRK

Application Deadline: 12 July

Places visited: Pyongyang, Mt. Myohyang, Kaesong, Sariwon and Nampo City


Train in / Train out: €1145
Plane in / Train out: €1195
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KTG traveller at the Chongsanri cooperative farm near Nampo in North Korea (DPRK)

Cross North Korea from coast to coast and enjoy a swim with locals in the city of Wonsan on the east coast of DPRK

Liberation Day Tour III

Date: 13 August - 20/21 August

Duration: 7 nights / 8 days in DPRK

Application Deadline: 12 July

Places visited: Pyongyang, Mt. Myohyang, Kaesong, Sariwon, Nampo, Wonsan


Train in / Train out: €1395
Plane in / Train out: €1455
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When it comes to our North Korea Travel philosophy, our goal is to increase contact with locals as much as possible, arranging visits not only to the main highlights of the country but also to places that show what life is like in North Korea and that allows for interaction with Koreans. Examples are visits to cooperative farms where you can see where farmers live and work, schools as well as places where Koreans mingle, allowing our travellers to see how they live and to join them in some of their leisure activities.

Whether it is because of the peculiarity of its political system, its 1970s style buildings combined with a feel of a 1950s China, its unpolluted scenery, the warmth of its people or the colossal communist monuments in Pyongyang, a trip to the DPRK will be an unforgettable one. The vast majority of our customers simply describe it as being the most interesting places they have ever visited.

What Our Customers Say

"Joined KTG for their June tour to North Korea. Excellent, quick and easy organisation done by Rayco, who also joined us on the trip and was of great help. KTG was very flexible in what we wanted and we managed to do a few extra things on the spot that few other tours do on their trips..."

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"I have reflected on whether I was simply lucky or the tour/destination or if KTG itself attracted a certain calibre of tourist. My conclusion is that all those factors apply - the destination is not for the precious but rather those who are savvy and would normally travel independently..."

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"I had done extensive research prior to my visit to DPRK and am now very pleased with having chosen KTG as travel organisation and kudo's to Rayco Vega for the pleasant and informative communication prior to the trip as well as his companionship on the tour!"

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Going to North Korea is not something done frequently and it is our top priority to ensure that you make the most of your experience in the DPRK whether going with a group or individually.

Our North Korea Travel Website

We have been going to DPRK since 2008 and our enthusiasm and curiosity regarding any shape and form of North Korea travel remain boundless.

Nursery in a cooperative farm on the westside of North Korea. Farmers work and live in cooperative farms.

We are aware that there is great interest out there in travelling to North Korea and that many people are fascinated by this mysterious country but simply feel that there is not enough information available. As a result we provide tours as well as a variety of information related to the DPRK. By doing so we feel more people will have the chance to visit the DPRK. This in hand will increase the potential number of people deciding to work, cooperate and being engaged in cultural exchange with North Korea, ultimately benefiting locals.

North Korean worker in a water bottling factory

We therefore try to show as many aspects of the DPRK as possible, covering issues such as updates, history and the economy of North Korea so as to allow our web viewers see the overall context of the country before visiting it. Regardless on whether you will travel to North Korea or not, we are always happy to answer any queries you may have regarding the DPRK.

Evening funfair in Pyongyang

If you would like to contribute to this website, or if you have any questions you would like to ask us or other people who visit our site, please feel free to leave any comments or queries in our North Korea Travel Forum or to drop us an email at any time. We will also be adding comment sections on some pages of our site where you are welcome to write down your views, no registration required.

If you are simply interested in knowing more about the DPRK please browse our website as we have a lot of information on North Korea tourism and the DPRK in general.

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