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Can Americans go to North Korea?  starstarstarstarstar

I'm from the US and would like to know if Americans can travel to North Korea. If US citizens can go to the DPRK are there any restrictions or ...

Student discounts in North Korea?  starstarstarstar
Do you have any discounts on any tours? In particular I a a student and a considering joining one of the tours for Kim Il Sung's 100th anniversary

Ir en tren a Corea del Norte  starstarstarstar
Estamos estudiando la posibilidad de ir en tren a Corea del Norte haciendo el viaje en tren Moscú - Pyonyang, y volviendo también en tren. ¿Es factible ...

Viaje a Corea del Norte  starstarstarstar

Mi nombre es Enrique y tengo varias preguntas sobre realizar un viaje a Corea del Norte. Me gustaría saber si la única manera de entrar a Corea ...

How to book a tour to North Korea  starstarstarstar
Hello KTG,

I am considering joining your tour to North Korea on your Victory Day - Mass Games Premiere tour from July 26.

I have a few preliminary ...

Planning a trip to North Korea  starstarstarstar
Dear friends,

I have been looking at your North Korea group tours for this year, and I'd be very interested in joining one of your trips to the DPRK....

Discovering North Korea  starstarstarstar

I'd be very interested in discovering North Korea.

I plan to travel to Vladivostok by the transsiberian, and I read many things about travelling ...

Mass Dances in North Korea  starstarstarstar
When do the Mass Dances in North Korea take place? Do they happen when the Mass Games are held or does it not have to do with the Mass Games.

Are ...

Questions  starstarstarstar
Bonjour, je suis français et je suis interressé à l'idée de visiter la Corrée du Nord ! Mais oui, mais oui.

Cela pourrait être une expérience fascinante....

Where do we collect our North Korean visa?  starstarstarstar
Where do we pick up our visas to go to North Korea? Do you guys sort this out or do we need to apply by ourselves?

This is a country that has intrigued ...

Currency used in North Korea  starstarstarstar
What currency can we use in North Korea? As tourists can we use their local currency?

Dúvidas - Viagens para a Coreia do Norte  starstarstar
Bom dia,

Estive a ver as vossas viagens para a Coreia do Norte e fiquei com algumas dúvidas:

- Os preços indicados são apartir de que aeroporto?...

Visita à Coréia do Norte  starstarstar
Prezados senhores,

Estarei em Seul no próximo mês. Gostaria de saber se há tours de um ou dois dias (partindo de Seul) para conhecer a Coréia do Norte....

Can Americans travel to North Korea?  starstarstar
I checked out your website and it appears that Americans can travel to North Korea. I had always thought North Korea was off-limits to Americans (except ...

Korea del Norte  starstarstar
Buen día me comunico con ustedes debido a mi interés por visitar Korea del Norte durante diciembre, la realidad es que ya estaré en diciembre por Japón ...

North Korea question  starstarstar

Me and my friend are interested in going to the DPRK for the mass games tour but are wondering where do we process our visa's and how much it would ...

North Korean souvenirs  starstarstar

I will be going to North Korea in the fall 2011. I wanted to know if it is possible to buy souvenirs such as North Korean posters, stamps, coins,...

Private Tours in North Korea  starstarstar
What are the benefits of going on a private tour to North Korea vs joining a group tour? Do you get to see more places by having your own private tour....

Visa pour la Corée du Nord  starstarstar
Merci pour votre réponse à mon dernier message.

J'habite à Paris. Comment cela se passe dès mon arrivée à Pékin pour la délivrance du visa pour la Corée ...

Guides en Corée du Nord  starstarstar

J'ai vu écrit sur le site que l'on sera accompagné par un ou deux guides en Corée du Nord qui parleraient la langue de nôtre choix. Pouvez-vous ...

Comment aller en Corée du Nord ?  starstarstar

J'ai vu que vous proposez des voyages touristiques en Corée du Nord. Vous indiquez le prix du visa de la Corée du Nord qui est de 35 Euros....

North Korean visa in my passport  starstarstar
Hello KTG,

I would like to have my North Korean visa attached to my passport to have as a souvenir and, let's be honest, brag about!

However, from ...

kann mann als deutscher in nordkorea wohnen  starstar

American travel to DPRK  starstar

I am an American looking to book a trip to North Korea next April in 2013. I would like to go to the Mass Games also. You have trips listed for ...

Treatment of Americans in North Korea?  starstar
I was curious about traveling to the DPRK but have some reservations. I have heard that north Koreans do not like Americans so if I'm going to spend my ...

Voyage en Corée du Nord  starstar

Je souhaiterais effectuer un voyage en Corée du Nord pour visiter cet pays qui me semble si attrayant!

Nous sommes 5 personnes.
A quelle ...

How much does a trip to North Korea cost?  starstar
Dear all,

I saw your North Korea travelling explanation website.

I am planning to go there in March 2012, there are a several questions I'd ...

Voyage en Corée du nord  starstar

Je suis intéressé par les voyages organisés que vous proposez en Corée du nord. J'aimerai savoir s'il est obligatoire de déposer des fleurs ...

Arirang Festival 2011  starstar
Is there any confirmation that the 2011 mass games will last until mid of October?


Day trip from South Korea to North Korea?  starstar
Do you provide day tours to North Korea from Seoul?

We would like to go for one day and come back to Seoul on the same day. No need to spend the night ...

Can I go to North Korea directly from South Korea?  starstar
Can one go from South Korea across to North Korea? Will be doing a trip around asia and it should be interesting to see these two places. I heard there ...

Travel by train in North Korea  starstar
Is it possible for an American tourist to travel in the country by train ?

travel guide  star
Hi, I was wondering what will be considered as appropriate accompaniment. Does it need to be a professional guide, or would any North Korean do?

What ...

Viaje para estudiantes a Corea del Norte  star
hola, somos unos estudiantes de 3º de medicina, queremos conocer Corea del Norte, y nos gustaría saber cuándo podríamos ir. Somos de Barcerlona, de la ...

How much is a North Korea tour package?  star
I'd like to know how much the North Korea tour packages are?

What is included in the price of a package to North Korea and what is excluded?


Travel to North Korea - Restrictions  star

to my knowledge is it not allowed for south koreans to visit North Korea (exeptions to Panmunjom, Gaeseong, Geumgangsan) - but how about people ...

Informacion  star

Me gustaría viajar a Corea del Norte, y quisiera saber precios, etc., y todo tipo de informacion, y si es posible vivir durante uno o mas años ...

Mountain Biking in North Korea  star
Hi, any places for mountain biking games in Pyongyang?


So we must get to beijing ourselves?  star
Is there a meeting place in Beijing or do we make our own way to the flight.

Buying Souvenirs in North Korea  Not rated yet
Greetings. I would like to know if there is a certain amount of dollars or euros that i can bring into North Korea as I would like to buy some Taekwondo ...

Question about North Korea  Not rated yet
Dear Peter,

Thank you for your message. Our goal is to promote tourism in North Korea and allow for there to be more interaction between the DPRK and ...

Ir a Corea del Norte desde Corea del Sur  Not rated yet
me voy a Corea del Sur el año que viene para un congreso en Daegu. Me gustaría saber si es posible, desde esta ciudad, irme a Pyongyang, ya sea de tren,...

Beach holidays in North Korea  Not rated yet
Hello. I like to spend my holidays on the beach. What is the price for 2 weeks (hotel, all inclusive)?

Circuit Anniversaire de Kim Il Sung 2011  Not rated yet

Je rentre de Chine où j'ai pu découvrir le Xinjiang après mon séjour en DPRK. Je suis heureux d'avoir choisi votre destination. J'ai découvert ...

Jogging in Pyongyang  Not rated yet
Below is a message from one of our customers who just got back from our 2011 Kim Il Sung Birthday trip and may interest anyone who is into jogging:

"I ...

North Korean visas for US citizens  Not rated yet
How does a US citizen obtain a North Korean visa?
Is it ok for Americans to obtain a visa to go to North Korea?

KTG Updates

Please refer to our travel blog for the latest updates.

30 December - Confirmation of 2012 tours  Not rated yet
We are glad to confirm that we have had confirmation from our Korean partners in Pyongyang that the DPRK will be open to tourists from 10th January 2012....

DPRK 1 - Japan 0 (more pictures)  starstarstarstarstar
Here are some more pictures of the match between North Korea and Japan on the 15th November 2011. They are courtesy of Mark Revell who took them while ...

Grand Magic Performance in the May Day Stadium in Pyongyang from April 18th  starstarstarstarstar
February 21st 2011 Update

We have just received an official notice from Pyongyang saying that there will be a Grand Magic Performance from April 18th ...

Update: January 29th - Kim Il Sung 100th Birthday Tours  starstarstarstarstar
We have been asked to close all tours from April 7th to April 20th by mid-February as there will not be enough accommodation in Pyongyang during this time....

DPRK 1 Japan 0 - 15th November 2011 Match Report  starstarstarstarstar
DPRK beat Japan 1-0 in the World Cup Qualifier match held in Pyongyang on 15th November 2011

The DPRK beat longtime rivals Japan in the qualifier ...

Mass Games

The last time these were held was back in 2013. Regardless, if you have any questions regarding this event do please let us know!

Mass Games Premiere Tour Pictures III  starstarstarstarstar
Here is the last batch of pictures of the Mass Games Premiere Tour. Courtesy of Curtis Mokren

Mass Games Premiere Tour Pictures II  starstarstarstarstar
Here are some more pictures courtesy of Curtis Mokren taken during our Mass Games Premiere Tour.

Mass Games Premiere Tour Pictures I  starstarstarstarstar
Dear all,

Here are some pictures from our 2011 Mass Games Premiere Tour courtesy of Curtis Mokren.

The trip included visits to Pyongyang, Mount ...

Trade Fair Autumn 2011 in Pyongyang  starstarstarstarstar

Can you inform me about the date of trade fair, which takes place in Autumn 2011 in Pyongyang?

We are an pencils producer and we would like ...

picture postcard from Pyongyang  starstarstarstarstar

I'm Stefan from Germany and look for someone who can send me a picture postcard from Pyongyang with greetings for a website. I need the card ...

2011 Mass Games in North Korea  starstarstarstarstar
We have had official confirmation that the Mass Games will start on August 1st and run until at least September 9th (DPRK National Day Tour). Please bear ...

Los Mass Games en el año 2011  starstarstarstarstar
Hemos recibido confirmación sobre los Mass Games en Corea del Norte para el 2011. Empezarán el 1 de agosto y a priori tendrán lugar hasta al menos el 9 ...

Besuch des Arirang-Festivals 2011  starstarstarstarstar
Ich möchte nächstes Jahr das Arirang-Festival besuchen. In den deutschen Zeitungen habe ich jedoch viel Negatives über Nord-Korea gelesen. Ich möchte mir ...

Confirmation des Mass Games 2011  starstarstarstarstar
On a reçu confirmation officielle de Pyongyang regardant les Mass Games pour le 2011.

Ils auront lieu entre du 1 août jusqu'au moins le 9 septembre ...

Mass Games Extend until October 25th 2010  Not rated yet
The Mass in Games will be held until October 25th. We have already closed our last tour group of the year, but please contact us if you would like to see ...

Confirmation Officielle des Mass Games 2010  starstarstarstarstar
Confirmation Officielle des Mass Games - 17 mai 2010

Les Mass Games ont été officiellement confirmés dès Pyongyang. Ils auront lieu du 2 août au 10 ...

Confirmación de los Mass Games para el 2010  starstarstarstarstar
Confirmación de los Mass Games para el 2010 (17 mayo 2010)

Los Mass Games han sido oficialmente confirmados desde Pyongyang. Tendrán lugar entre el ...

2010 Mass Games Officially Confirmed   starstarstarstarstar
Mass Games Officially Confirmed - 17 May 2010

We have just had notification from Pyongyang that the Arirang Mass Games will be held from August 2nd ...

2010 Mass Games  starstarstarstarstar
Have these been confirmed yet? When will we know if North Korea will have these going on this year?




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