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Postcard from the DPRK

by Sebastian

Hi everybody!

While browsing this forum, I found an entry asking for a postcard from Pyongyang. Since I sadly don't have enough money right now to go there myself, I wanted to ask the same question. Would someone be so very kind to send me a postcard while visiting the DPRK? It's been a dream of mine to visit this most fascinating state but I'm not sure if this will happen anytime soon.

If you are planning a tour in the near future and would be willing to send me a card, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Please contact me

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Aug 10, 2023
Borders still closed, no postcards :(
by: KTG

The borders are still closed we're afraid. It is impossible for us to go and send postcards

Aug 09, 2023
DPRK Borders open?
by: Anonymous

Hello! Does anyone know if DPRK has open their borders for postal services? I want a postcard too!

Apr 01, 2021
Not possible to send card from Pyongyang now
by: KTG


The DPRK borders have been closed since January 2020 because of covid, it is impossible for us to send any postcard from there now.

Best regards,


Apr 01, 2021
postcard form North Korea
by: Anonymous

I'm also waiting for a postcard from North Korea. Who knows how you can get it to your usual email address. Or how to send a postcard to Pyongyang yourself? Please connectinf with me on E-mail: odger998@gmail.com. With the best wishes, Eugene

Jan 06, 2017
Stamps from DPRK
by: KTG

Hi Jesper,

Thanks for your comment. I believe we sent you an email regarding this. Do please let me know if you have any other questions.


Rayco / KTG

Jan 04, 2017
I'd love to get a postcard from the DPRK
by: Jesper


I have been fascinated with North Korea for the past few years and I'd really love to receive a postcard from there.
Is it possible to get one and what do I need to do?
I like the propaganda postcards.

Kind regards,


Feb 10, 2016
Postcard from DPRK )
by: Svetlana

Hi Sebastian! I can pay for card and stamp-only remember me when you'll arrive to North Korea next time ♥

Thank you!

Oct 18, 2015
DPRK Postcard updates
by: Rayco

Dear all,

We have been overwhelmed with postcard petitions.

You are kindly asked to please email us with details and not to post your mailing addresses on this forum.

Thank you


Oct 12, 2015
Postcard, please?
by: Maan

Hello there! Mabuhay!

I'm from the Philippines and I've been wanting a postcard from DPRK. This would be a great addition to my collection. Would you be so kind to please send one for my collection, please? Hoping for a favorable reply on this matter. Thank you very much! :)

Best regards,

Jun 08, 2015
Is it ever gonna happen;)
by: Anonymous

I am also looking for a postcard from North Korea for a longest time...Please if someone can help me let me know:) Any kind of postcard is fine:)


Jan 22, 2015
Sending postcard from North Korea
by: Admin

Dear all,

Thanks for your messages regarding postcards. We have not been able to enter DPRK since the end of October as it has been closed to tourists because of fears of ebola. Please send us an email with your mailing address and we will send you postcard once we go into North Korea again, but please note that we do not know when the borders will reopen for sure.

Thank you,

The KTG Team

Jan 20, 2015
postcard from North Korea
by: Sal

Dear Sirs,
I am Sal a collector of postcard from Italy .I would receive a postcard sent from North Korea. I am organizing an exhibition.

Is it possible?

Thankn in advance


Sep 22, 2014
a postcard also for me?
by: Andrea

I too collect postcards and it's so hard to find someone from there who can help me. Please help with just one of the theme you like: propaganda, street view, panorama, monument ...
you're ... my only hope

ettorepara@libero.it from Italy

Aug 06, 2014
Get a card from North Korea
by: Guille

I am collecting cards, and I would like to get a card from North Korea if its possible. And I can send one from Spain to the sender, of course.
I haven't got preferences, all cards are welcome.
Thank you very much for read my message. If you want I can contact you or, send me an email with your reply. Thanks again

my email: guillerg.rodrig@gmail.com

Jun 04, 2014
Postcard from the DPRK
by: Libby

Hello, and very good day to you.

I am from Malaysia. I am very interested in collecting postcards. I have been doing exchange since 2 years ago.

But the sad part is, I could not get any postcard from your place, please let me know if you can help.

Thank you very much for reading.



Apr 18, 2013
sending a postcard from North Korea
by: KTG

Hi Sebastien,

Thanks for your message! No problem. Please drop us an email with your address and we will send you a postcard from North Korea. Do let us know too if there are any specific postcard styles you would like e.g. a landscape postcard, a propaganda styled postcard, etc.



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