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    Pohyon Temple


In this section we have a collection of short DPRK videos taken by KTG over the past years. For more information of each place, you can check the link we have on the section. Please note that these are embedded Youtube videos.

Arch of Triumph

KTG were one of the first to be able to go up the Arch of Triumph.

Cycling through Future Scientists Street (Mirae Scientists Street 미래과학자거리)

Join as we ride through Mirae Scientists Street, a retro-futuristic, 6 lane street finished in 2015 which houses professors and scientists from Kim Chaek University of Technology. Check out the impress Galaxy Tower, a 150 metre high skyscraper shaped in the form of a strectched atom.

Reunification Highway (Pyongyang - Kaesong Motorway 평양개성고속도로)

We took this from the rest house in the middle of the highway. If you go to North Korea you will notice that there is not much traffic in the main highways of the country. There has been, however, a sharp increase in the number of cars within major cities.

2019 Mass Games

The Mass Games were held again in 2019 as was the case in 2018 after a 5 year break. With no doubt, one of the most impressive shows on Earth. Please see some pictures we took in 2019 below!

2020 Pyongyang Marathon

Join KTG for the 2020 Pyongyang Marathon. It will be held on 12 April and we have several tours you can sign up to! What better way to explore Pyongyang than doing is running and having a crowd of tens of thousands of North Koreans cheer you on?

Military Parade

Back in 2013 we went to the streets of Pyongyang with locals to greet the soldiers who had just participated in the military parade in Kim Il Sung Square to mark the 65th Anniversary of North Korea's National Day. We hope that there will be a similar event this year, 2018, for the 70th DPRK National Day.

Cycling in Pyongyang!

This a fascinating way to explore the capital of North Korea. We are proud to say that we offer this option as an extension to all of our group tours and for our private tours.

First ever Pyongyang Autumn Marathon - October 2017

The first ever Autumn Amateur Marathon was held in Pyongyang on 29 October 2017. We expect this event to become bigger in the event. Those foreigners running had the chance to start the race together with Koreans, unlike the April Marathon, where foreigners have a head start.

2017 May Day

We absolutely love this video. Again we obtained special permission to film this and the results are staggering!

2016 Pyongyang Beer Festival

August 2016 was when the first ever Beer Festival in the DPRK was held. The Taedonggang Beer Festival was a great way for us to enjoy some drinks with locals. The video itself is a bit shaky, perhaps our KTG rep filming it had a beer too many...

DPRK Videos: 2015 Pyongyang Marathon

The marathon was held on 12 April 2015. In 2016 it will take place on 10 April. We recorded the following video inside Kim Il Sung Stadium which is where the race starts. As you can see the atmosphere is electrifying. For those not running, there is a lot to look forward too; plane shows, parachuting events, a football match...

KTG® Promotional Video

KTG obtained special permission to film this and we just love it! The video was shot during our 2016 General Kim Jong Il Birthday Tour. We recommend watching it in HD!

DPRK National Day

This video was taken on National Day (9th September) in 2014. A KTG traveller and a local lady from Pyongyang became the stars of the show at Moran Park as they danced to several songs together.

Mass Dances in May Day in Kim Il Square, Pyongyang, 2015

We took this video on the 125th Anniversary of International Labour Day. Thousands of students gathered at the square and put on this incredibly impressive show. Mass Dances are held in different parts of the country on main holidays. This was a very special occasion and they are usually not so big as this one!

Pyongsong Central Square, 2013

This was taken in 2013 which is when Pyongsong started accepting Western tourists. We had stayed there before 2013 at the Jangsusan Hotel but travellers only started being able to visit sites in the city in 2013.

Sariwon City, South Hwanghae Province

This was taken in 2013. We can see views of the city and the surrounding areas from atop Mount Kuyong as well as views from the street.

For more information about Sariwon please click on our Sariwon page.

Haeju Central Square, 2011

Haeju is the capital of South Hwanghae Province. We shot this in 2011. Not that many travellers go to Haeju, though it is a fascinating part of the DPRK, offers a mixture of natural beauty, hills & ravines with ancient Korean sites in the outskirts and very soviet style looking in the city.

The Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum, Pyongyang

You can see US vehicles and bomb shells used in the Korean War. There are too some US vehicles and weapons captured after the Korean War.

The new Korean War Museum is an impressive structure that was built in just 10 months. These vehicles are located in the outdoors section of the museum.

The Juche Tower

A symbolic monument not only of Pyongyang, but of the whole country, the Juche Tower is 170 metres tall, including its 20 metre high flame. This short clip shows views of Kim Il Sung Square across the Taedong River and then views from the top of the tower.

Mansudae Grand Monument in 2010

We took this several years ago when there was only one statue at Mansu Hill. The statue shows a younger President Kim Il Sung.

Mansudae Grand Monumentes in 2012

This was taken in October 2012. The new statue of President Kim Il Sung and the statue of Leader Kim Jong Il were unveiled earlier that year. If you notice, the current statue of the the leader does shows a different jacket to the current state. The statue of President Kim Il Sung is also different to the earlier one. statue does not show the leader in the current jacket.

The video also shows the Party Foundation Monument. This monument consists of a hammer (representing the industrial class), a sickle (representing farmers) and a brush (representing intellectuals).

May Day, concert in 2013

The situation on the Korean Peninsula seemed quite tense then and this was one of the times with the fewest number of tourists we recall there being on a May Day. Nevertheless there were no signs of tensions or worries once in the DPRK!

West Sea Barrage, Nampo

8 km long barrage that separates the West Sea of Korea from the Taedong River, the West Sea Barrage is located in Nampo on the west coast of the DPRK.

You can see a full list of our DPRK videos by going to KTG's Youtube Channel.

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