• Mansudae Grand Monuments - giant bronze statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in Pyongyang, North Korea

Mansudae Grand Monuments

Mansudae Grand Monument

Mansudae Grand Monuments

People place flowers here at the foot of the bronze gigantic Mansudae statues in respect to the Great Leaders as they are referred to in DPRK; President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, before bowing in line. There are figures of people representing the struggle against the Japanese and the Korean War on both sides of the monuments.

There are over 200 sculptural figures which are on average 5 metres high and stretch for 200 meters. Behind the imposing figures of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il is a mosaic figure of Paekdu Mountain, known as being the origin of the Korean people.

The group of soldiers on both side represent the struggle against Japan (on the right hand side of the monuments) and the US (on the left).

The building behind is the Korean Revolution Museum which has no less than 4.5 km of total display length! In 2012 the staute of Chairman Kim Jong Il was added and modifications were made too President Kim Il Sung's statue. Above is the original statue of President Kim Il Sung. Below is an updated image of the Mansudae Grand Monuments.

Mansudae Grand Monuments in 2012

We took this short clip the year the new monuments were unveiled in 2012. The statue of the Chairman Kim Jong Il now shows him wearing a different jacket.

Mansudae Grand Monument in 2010

The short Youtube video below was shot in 2010. There was only one statue then, that of the leader President Kim Il Sung, which is different to the current statue.

Important! - the leaders of the DPRK are highly respected figures. You should not lean on the ground when taking pictures of the statues and the images of the bodies should not be cropped when taking any pictures; that is to say that the whole body image should be taken. When visiting the Grand Monuments you will be kindly asked to bow and one person in the group will be kindly asked to leave a bunch of flowers by the footstep of the monuments.

Mansudae Monuments on a National Holiday

Mansudae Grand Monuments of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il

Picture taken on December 24th. December 24th is a National Holiday on occasion of the Birthday of Kim Jong Suk (mother of Chairman Kim Jong Il and wife of President Kim Il Sung) referred to as Mother Kim Jong Suk in the DPRK. Traditionally tours have not be run during the coldest winter days though now trips can be arranged during December and early January as well as the rest of the year.

Chollima Statue

chollima statue, Pyongyang
View of the Chollima Statue from the Grand Monument. Based on a Korean legend where a horse that could fly at incredible speed but always struggled to find someone to ride on it, this statue was used to encourage the people to reconstruct the country after the war emphasising the fact that constant work and innovation were required.

The Grand Monument of President Kim Il Sung, that glares into the horizon over Pyongyang, was erected on Mansu Hill in April 1972 on the occassion of the 60th Birthday of President Kim Il Sung and was restored in 2012 when that of Chairman Kim Jong Ilwas also erected.

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