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Life in North Korea is completely different to what one may be used to in many aspects. Although there has been an increase in the number of mobile phones, cars and joint ventures with foreign companies, the vast of which are Chinese, the DPRK still remains a mysterious country and life in the DPRK rotates around the Juche Idea.

The best way to see what life in the DPRK is by actually going there. Below are some useful links with resources related to the DPRK which may help you see what life is like in North Korea.


North Korean Economy Watch - extremely interesting site with constant updates, articles, studies and reports on social and economic changes in North Korea.

Pyongyang Metro - all the information you need to know about the capital's mysterious subway.

Rainbow Trading - DPRK goods for sale. The site is in Japanese. They have a variety of interesting DPRK souvenirs.

North Korea Books - books covering all aspects of the DPRK.

Please note that we have nothing to do with the sites above. Books and goods from the DPRK offer you a chance to see the ideas and values that are spread around North Korea which is why we have listed the above links.


China is a place of visit for many people visiting North Korea, whether after of or before the adventure to the DPRK. Below are some listed resources which you may find of use when visiting China. It is now possible to stay in China without a visa for 72 hours. Please note that if exiting the DPRK by train then you will still need a Chinese visa. You are recommended to ask your local Chinese embassy/consulate for details regarding your stay in China.

Please contact us if you are interested in a China tour before or after your trip to North Korea.

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Shanghai travel guide - Shanghai travel information and tips on weather, transport, attractions, shopping, hotels and culture in Shanghai.

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