• The Yanggkado International Hotel in Pyongynang, DPRK (North Korea)

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Trips to North Korea needn't be extravagantly expensive.KTG offers all inclusive tours to North Korea at low rates as well as overall general information about the DRPK so as to increase people's understanding of and interaction with this unique country.

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Tours and Dates Kim Il Sung
Group Tours Kim Jong Il
Kim Jong Il Birthday Tour Kim Jong Il - Early Life
Kim Il Sung Birthday Tour Kim Jong Il - Higher Education
Easter Tour Kim Jong Il - Involvement in Politics
Extended Easter Tour Kim Jong Il - Leader of the DPRK
May Day Tour National Flag
Extended May Day Tour DPRK Flags
Summer Tour North Korean National Emblem
Extended Summer Tour Juche Philosophy
Victory Day Mass Games Premiere Tour Facts and Figures
August Tour Population of North Korea
Liberation Day Tour North Korea Military
Economy of North Korea
National Day Tour Geography of North Korea
Extended National Day Tour North Korean History
October Mass Games Tour Prehistory
Extended October Mass Games Tour I Earliest States
Extended October Mass Games Tour II The Three Kingdoms Period (37 BC - 676 AD)
Workers' Party Foundation Tour Unified Three Kingdoms (676 - 936)
Independent Tours Koryo (Goryeo) 936 - 1392
US Tours Choson (Joseon) Dynasty (1392-1910)
Japanese Colony (1910-1945)
Places of interest Liberation of Korea (1945)
Grand Monument The Korean War (1950-1953)
DMZ War Aftermath & following years
Juche Tower 1980s-1990s
Chollima Statue 2000s
Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum North Korean News
Myohyang International Friendship House FAQs
Children's Palace Mass Games
Flower Exhibition Centre Mass Games Gallery
Kaesong Contact Us
Pyongyang Metro Live Chat
Mangyondae (Kim Il Sung's birthplace) Links

We will assist you in any questions you may have about travelling with us to North Korea.

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Views of Kim Il Sung Square
Hamhung City
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