• The Yanggkado International Hotel in Pyongynang, DPRK (North Korea)

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UPDATE: Given the new travel ban set by the US on its citizens to go to North Korea we will no longer arrange trips for US citizens to the DPRK.

US citizens used to be allowed to travel to the DPRK in the past under certain restrictions i.e. going only during the Mass Games, staying a maximum of 3 nights, going only with US groups. The DPRK authorities then lifted these restrictions and as of 2010 US citizens could stay longer and join nationals of other countries, the only restriction they had was that they could not enter or exit North Korea by train.

As of September 2017 the US government implemented a travel ban on US citizens. We will not arrange any tours for US passportholders regardless on which passport they will travel with. E.g. if you are a US citizen holding two passports we will not arrange your tour even if you wish to travel on a non-US passport. The travel ban is still in place. Once/if it is lifted we will accept bookings for US citizens.