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Terms and Conditions

Tour Booking

Once a booking payment has been made the customers’ place in the tour is confirmed for submission to the D.P.R.K authorities.


A minimum of 35% of the tour payment is to be made in order to reserve a booking. This booking fee should be paid by the application deadline in the case of group departures. In the case of independent trips the reservation payment should be made 30 days prior to the departure date at the latest. The remaining amount can be paid in China when we meet before the tour. Any extra costs such as the Mass Games, circus tickets, etc are to be paid on the spot in Pyongyang.

The reservation payment can be made via bank transfer, credit/debit card, PayPal and/or cash. Any transfer charges are to be covered by customers.

Customers will be sent an invoice stating the total amount due and will be sent receipts after any payments are made.

Cancellation Policy

If the customer decides to cancel the trip to the D.P.R.K the following costs apply:

Number of days before departure to the DPRK Amount of tour cost to be paid
Day of Departure 100%
1 Day 65%
2 - 10 Days 35%
11 - 20 Days 25%
21 - 30 Days 15%
30 Days and over 0%

A full reimbursement will be made if the D.P.R.K cancels the tour or if for some reason a visa is not issued to the customer, though we cannot be held liable for any bank transfer costs.


These can be collected in your country of departure if there is a D.P.R.K embassy / consulate there or in Beijing.

We can now confirm if a visa has been approved within a week after the tour application deadline. In the unlikely event that a visa application is denied we cannot be held liable for any costs incurred by customers travelling to Beijing. A full reimbursement of any payment made regarding the D.P.R.K tour will be made though we cannot be held liable for any transfer costs. Visa denial is extremely unlikely.


We submit itineraries to the D.P.R.K's tourism authorities based on their advice and suggestions, and then advertise these to customers. We always try to ensure that these itineraries are as the ones customers see. However the final decision of itineraries is made by the DPRK tourism authorities. If there are any variations in the actual itinerary, guide profile, etc we cannot be held liable. We reserve the right to change tour rates as well as means/dates of transportation in and out of D.P.R.K depending on ticket availability


Travellers are kindly requested to have insurance that covers any costs involving sickness, property loss, accidents, repatriation or any costs of this kind. Customers are responsible for having their appropriate insurance and are to be covered for medical expenses, possible repatriation costs, baggage claim, etc. Customers must also inform us if there are any medical conditions we should be aware of.

Journalists, photographers and writers

If you are a journalist, photographer (part-time or full-time) a writer or related to any forms of media production we will not be able to apply for your trip. If in doubt, please let us know and we will be able to inform you if we are able to arrange your trip.

It is extremely important for us that customers provide us with accurate and true information and we will ask you to sign a declaration form stating that you are none of the above. In the case that it is found out that customers are any of the above the trip will have to be cancelled and the cancellation fees shown in the table above will apply.

Our terms and conditions may be updated at any time, and future versions render prior versions obsolete.

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