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DPRK Panorama

Our DPRK Panorama section illustrates North Korea in a way you may have never seen before. We show 360° images of the DPRK that allow you discover sites in North Korea as if you were almost there, a kind of virtual tour of the DPRK so to speak.

Please click on the bubbles below and their respective full 360° images will open in a new tab. Some of our newer additions have sound, click on the speaker icon to enjoy the full beauty of the image.

Apart from showing different sites in North Korea we will be posting too pictures of Chinese areas that border the DPRK, namely Dandong and Yanbian, the Korean Autonomous Prefecture located in Jilin Province that borders Rason and Russia.

Kim Il Sung Square

This is our latest addition and it comes with the sound option! We took this the day after the military parade and rallies that took place on 10th October 2015, on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the foundation of the Korean Workers' Party.

Kim Il Sung Square 360

You can see the Grand People's Study House one end of the square and then the Juche Tower, across the river, on the opposite side.

Janam Hill, Kaesong

You can see the modern part of Kaesong city from here. A giant statue of a younger leader Kim Il Sung stands atop the hill.

Kaesong seen from Janam Hill, DPRK 360°

DMZ (Panmunjom)

The blue houses you see are in both the DPRK and South Korea. The concrete slab that runs across the middle of these houses separates the Korean Peninsula.

Kim Il Sung Square 360

You can see more information about Panumunjom in our DMZ section.

Minsok Hotel, Kaesong

Traditional Korean styled courtyard hotel. We sleep and eat on the floor (which is heated) when here.

Minsok Hotel, DPRK 360° images by KTG

Kaeson Funfair

We usually go here on national holidays or weekends. We can go on the rides or simply stroll around seeing locals have fun. Check the image below and press the volume icon to hear people laughing and shouting when on the rides! This funfair is located by the Arch of Triumph.

Kaeson Funfair, DPRK 360° images by KTG

Munsu Waterpark

A great place to have some fun with locals and relax. This waterpark is heated inside so can be visited all year-round. We took this 360° image in late autumn.

Munsu Water Park in Pyongyang, North Korea. DPRK 360° images by KTG

Arch of Reunification

We cross this point as we enter/exit Pyongyang on the Reunification (Tongil) highway that goes all the way to the DMZ. The monuments symbolise the reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

arch of reunification, DPRK 360°

Tomb of King Kongmin and his wife, Kaesong

These twin tombs are located in the outskirts of Kaesong. As you rotate the image you can see the tombs, the guards protecting them and the famous "Oh My" Mountain.

Tomb of King Kongmin in DPRK (North Korea), 360° panorama

Mangyongdae Native House

The birthplace of President Kim Il Sung, this is a very important place in the DPRK.

Mangyongdae Native House in 360° Pyongyang capital of North Korea

West Sea Barrage, Nampo

This 8km long dam separates the West Sea and the Teadong River.

West Sea Barrage, Nampo DPRK 360°

Please click on our West Sea Barrage and Nampo sections for more details.

Pyongyang Film Studios

We can visit the movies sets when coming here. On a few occasions we have been able to see movies being filmed. We always recommend travellers to purchase DPRK movies when in Korea as these are popular in North Korea and show the values that are deemed important in DPRK society.

Pyongyang Film Studios, 360° images of North Korea (DPRK)

Chongsanri Cooperative Farm

Farmers work and live in this farm. There are 2500 people living here. The farm has kindergartens, a college and a house of culture.

Chongsanri Cooperative Farm, DPRK 360°

Chongnyon Hotel

Meaning Youth Hotel, the Chongnyon Hotel is located by the junction of Youth Street (Chongchon) and Liberation (Kwangbok) Street. You can see a giant mural of the leaders by a residential area across the street from the hotel.

Chongnyon Hotela aka Youth Hotel in Pyongyang, DPRK, North Korea 360°

Statue of Mao Zedong in Dandong, China

This statue is by the train station in Dandong. Dandong borders the DPRK and is home to many DPRK run restaurants.

Dandong, China 360°, border city with North Korea (DPRK)

Friendship Bridge, Dandong

Bridge connecting the DPRK and China. We go over this bridge when entering/exiting the DPRK by train.

Dandong Sinuiju Friendship Bridge, DPRK China border

Longjin, Yanbian Autonomous Prefecture, China

Home of the famous ethnic Korean poet from Yanbian, Yun Dong Zhu.

Yanbian 360°

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