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  • Samil Lagoon in Mount Kumgangang, North Korea (DPRK) with KTG Tours
  • Farm life in North Korea. Cooperative farm near Wonsan in the DPRK. Tour arranged by KTG
    Farm life
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North Korea Tour Extensions

If you are not sure about joining a group tour or having a private trip or if you would like a bit of both combining going with a group and then having a private extension, then this is the way to go. Extensions can be arranged before a group departure too.

When taking a private tour extension your itinerary can be customised, so it is possible for example for you to stay an extra few days in Pyongyang to see places not listed in your group tour and / or head to another region or city. Below are some tour extension itinerary ideas for you but please note that the itinerary can be customised based on your requests so long as these are feasible. Please check our Places of Interest Section for a list of other places that you can visit in Korea.

Pyongyang / Border Tour

Bike Tours in Pyongyang with KTG!

Pyongyang Bike Tours

We have been offering bike tours in Pyongyang since 2014 but only purchased our fleet of Pyongyang bikes in 2019. According to our partners in Pyongyang, KTG Tours has exclusivity with pink bikes, so we proudly call our fleet of bikes “Pink Pyongyang.” Exploring Pyongyang on two wheels is definitely a fascinating experience and something those who have been able to enjoy recommend others to do!

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Tour Extensions to the North Korean border city of Sinuiju

Border Tours

Our Sinuiju borderland extensions now include a visit to Dongrim. This is available as you leave the DPRK (there is no need to exit the country and re-enter). We offer too tours in the Chinese border of Dandong and around China. Do please contact us for more information.

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East Side

Explore the east coast of DPRK


Head to the east coast and explore this lively port city which is currently home to the biggest construction project in North Korea, the Wonsan-Kalma project. The drive here from Pyongyang is a fascinating one as you cross the DPRK from coast to coast, going through second tier cities, counties and towns and seeing a variety of landscapes. Enjoy a swim with locals and some fresh sea food!

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Discover the second largest city in North Korea; the industrial city of Hamhung, as well as the port city of Wonsan

Wonsan & Hamhung

Explore the second largest city of North Korea, the industrial city of Hamhung. This city, known for the production of chemicals, Vinylon and heavy metalware, was only opened to western tourists in 2010. You can stay overnight at a beach resort in Majon, visit a major fertiliser factory in the district of Hungnam near the city of Hamhung as well as seeing the main highlights of the city and of course see the main highlights of Wonsan city.

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Explore the stunning beauty of Mount Kumgang, one of the most beautiful spots nature has to offer on the Korean Peninsula. Chance to hike in the area and stay there overnight

Mount Kumgangang

The Diamond Mountains are one of the most beautiful areas on the Korean Peninsula. In fact, South Korean tourists used to be allowed to visit this area. Hiking trails, beautiful waterfalls, lagoons, this National Park is a place not to miss if you are an enthusiast of nature.

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Travel to the northern interior of the DPRK

Mount Myohyang

Head to the northern interior of North Korea and visit the International Friendship Exhibition Centre. A fascinating windowless museum that consists of two buildings built into and under a mountain! Hundreds of thousands of gifts from around the world presented to the leaders are on display here and it is quite common to see groups of Koreans visiting this area. You will also be able to see Pohyon Temple and and underground caverns. A hike here is also possible.

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Stay overnight at one of the DPRK's most luxurious hotels; the Hyangsan Hotel

Mount Myohyang - Overnight

Stay overnight at the footsteps of Mt. Myohyang, hike the Manpok Valley, explore the Ryongmun underground caverns and have the chance to stay in one of North Korea's most luxurious hotels; the Hyangsan Hotel

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West Side

Nampo is a port city located on the west coast of Korea. You can combine an extension here with extra sites in Pyongyang. Visit the 8 km long West Sea Barrage, a local cooperative farm...


This port city located on the west coast of North Korea is close to Pyongyang, an extension here will not take a full day unless you decide to stay overnight at the Ryanggang Hot Spa Hotel, so a visit here can be combined with seeing other places back in Pyongyang.

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Sariwon is the capital city of North Hwanghae Province. A full tour of Sariwon includes stops at Mount Chongbang, Songbul Temple, a local farm and folk street. A trip to Sariwon can be combined with seeing places back in Pyongyang


Why not explore this lively city, the capital of North Hwanghae Province? You can visit a local farm, a medieval fortress and temple where you can meet a local monk and learn about the history of the Korean Peninsula at the folk street.

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China Extension Tours

Image of the Tiger Mountain Great Wall in Dandong. The narrow stream shown separates China and North Korea


Our exit and entry point into DPRK when taking the train. Dandong has the Tiger Mountain Great Wall which is literally just a few meters away from North Korea. You can also go on the broken bridge which goes half-way across the Yalu River, take a boat ride just across from Sinuiju in DPRK and check out one of the many North Korean run and staffed restaurants which hold music performances.

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Image of the Forbidden Palace in Shenyang - check our Shenyang One Day Essentials Tour!


Capital of Liaoning Province, our offices are actually located here. Shenyang is just an hour and half by speed train from Dandong and also enjoys the 144 hour visa free policy for those flying in and out via Shenyang (or Dalian) allowing you to move freely around the whole province. We can arrange for you to fly to Pyongyang from Shenyang or vice versa. Explore the Korean quarter Xi Ta, the Imperial Palace and Qing Zhao tombs in Bei Ling Park.

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It is possible to add a tour extension either before joining the group or once the group tour has ended.

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