• Samil Lagoon in Outer Kumgang, Diamond Mountain, North Korea (DPRK) with KTG Tours
  • Hike in Mount Kumgang (Diamond mountain) in North Korea (DPRK), KTG Tours

Mount Kumgang Tour Itinerary

Please see a sample Mount Kumgang Extension Itinerary below. The itinerary can be modified based on your requests, so long as these are feasible, as this is a private extension.

Day 1


  • Drive to the port city of Wonsan - explore the DPRK from side to side as you drive through small towns and rural areas in North Korea
  • Stop at Sinpyong Guest House - have a break and/or try some snake liquor before heading on to the east coast
Sinpyong Guest House, North Korea (DPRK)


  • Picnic Lunch: Ullim Waterfalls - The Echo Falls were only just discovered by some soldiers in 2001
Ullim Waterfalls, North Korea (DPRK)
  • Drive to Wonsan city
  • Songdowon Beach - dip in the sea!
Children having fun at the beach in Wonsan, North Korea. You can see the Wonsan-Kalma project in the background. Trip arranged by KTG Tours

Kids enjoying a day at the beach. The ambitious Wonsan-Kalma project can be seen in the background

  • Songdowon Summer Camp - ever wondered what a summer camp in a socialist country is like?
Songdowon Children's Camp in Wonsan, North Korea (DPRK) with KTG Tours
  • Hotel Check-in: Dongmyong Hotel, Wonsan
  • Dinner: Local restaurant, Wonsan

Overnight: Dongmyong Hotel, Wonsan

Day 2


  • Breakfast: Dongmyong Hotel
  • Drive to Mount Kumgang - meaning Diamond Mountain, this national park is one of the most beautiful areas in Korea. It used to be opened to South Korean tourists.
  • Hike the Kuryongyon Course - Kuryong means Nine Dragons. Check stunning views of waterfalls and pools

Kuryongyon Course in Mount Kumgang, North Korea with KTG Tours

Below you can seen a picture of the Sangpaldam Pools, just one of the many impressive natural sceneries Diamond Mountain has to offer.

Sangpaldam in Mount Kumgang, North Korea with KTG Tours

The hike here is an easy one

Waterfalls in Mount Kumgang, North Korea with KTG Tours


  • Lunch: Mokran Restaurant - Mount Kumgang

Mokran Restaurant in Mount Kumgang, North Korea (DPRK) with KTG Tours
  • Samil Lagoon - one of the most stunning areas in Korea. There are points where this lagoon, the deepest on the Korean Peninsula, reaches depths of 13 metres. The lagoon was formed as a result of rocks formations blocking a bay of the East Sea of Korea.
Samil Lagoon in Mount Kumgang, North Korea (DPRK) with KTG Tours. The deepest lagoon in Korea
  • Hotel Check-in: Kumgangsan Hotel, Mount Kumgang
  • Dinner: Kumgangsan Hotel, Mount Kumgang

Day 3


  • Breakfast: Kumgangsan Hotel, Mount Kumgang
  • Drive back to Wonsan
  • Chonsam Cooperative Farm - a unique feature of socialist/communist countries. Farmers work and live in these farms with their families, they are in essence villages with their own educational and entertainment facilities
Chonsam cooperative farm in Wonsan, North Korea (DPRK) with KTG Tours
  • Wonsan Agricultural University - explore this relaxing campus. The university is where several famous Korean scientists have graduated
  • Drive back to Wonsan city centre
  • Walk to Jangdok Islet - locals tend to fish and have seafood BBQ here.
Walk by the port in Wonsan, North Korea (DPRK) with KTG Tours. You can see Jangdok islet & lighthouse in the background


  • Lunch: Wonsan
  • Walk around Wonsan City - Central Square and the pier - we can see locals getting along with their daily lives.
  • Drive back to Pyongyang
  • Arrival in Pyongyang
  • Evening walk by Scientists' Street
Scientists' street in Pyongyang, North Korea (DPRK) with KTG
  • Farewell Dinner: local restaurant, Pyongyang

Overnight: Pyongyang

Day 4


  • Breakfast: Hotel, Pyongyang
  • 10.25 am train to China - if interested in flying back please do let us know


  • Stopover at Sinuiju train station bordering China

Day 5

Arrive in Beijing at 08:40 am

End of your DPRK Tour

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