• North Korean propaganda banner in Wonsan (DPRK)
  • Wonsan-Kalma tourism project in North Korea (DPRK), KTG Tours
  • Wonsan Seaside
    Jangdok Islet

Wonsan Extension Tour Itinerary

Please see a sample Wonsan Extension Itinerary below. The itinerary can be modified based on your requests, so long as these are feasible, as this is a private extension.

Day 1


  • Drive to the coastal city of Wonsan (east coast) - cross the DPRK from all the way to the east coast, a very rare occasion to see towns and life in these isolated areas of the country
  • Stop at Sinpyong Guest House - relaxing views. Time for a refreshment before carrying on our journey to the other side of the DPRK.
Sinpyong Guest House, North Korea (DPRK)


  • Picnic Lunch: Ullim Waterfalls - These beautiful falls were discovered by soldiers in 2001. Ullim means echo in Korean
Ullim Waterfalls, North Korea (DPRK)
  • Continue to Wonsan
  • Songdowon Beach - join in the swimming with locals
Children having fun at the beach in Wonsan, North Korea. You can see the Wonsan-Kalma project in the background. Trip arranged by KTG Tours

Children having fun at the beach in Wonsan. You can see the Wonsan-Kalma project in the background

  • Songdowon Summer Camp - see where some Korean kids spend their summer holidays
Songdowon Children's Camp in Wonsan, North Korea (DPRK) with KTG Tours
  • Hotel Check-in: Dongmyong Hotel, Wonsan
  • Dinner: Local restaurant, Wonsan

Overnight: Dongmyong Hotel, Wonsan

Day 2


  • Breakfast: Dongmyong Hotel
  • Chonsam Cooperative Farm - farmers live in cooperative farms with their families. Learn about their farming system. If you have visited a cooperative farm as part of your group tour, we can arrange a visit somewhere else in Wonsan
Chonsam cooperative farm in Wonsan, North Korea (DPRK) with KTG Tours
  • Wonsan Agricultural University - several famous Korean scientists and national heroes graduated from this university. When riding here you will pass by several fields
  • Drive back to Wonsan city centre
  • Walk to Jangdok Islet - locals tend to fish and have seafood BBQ here.
  • Walk around Wonsan City - Central Square and the pier - we can see locals getting along with their daily lives.
  • Walk by the port in Wonsan, North Korea (DPRK) with KTG Tours. You can see Jangdok islet & lighthouse in the background


  • Lunch: Wonsan
  • Drive back to Pyongyang
  • Arrival in Pyongyang
  • Evening walk by Scientists' Street
  • Scientists' street in Pyongyang, North Korea (DPRK) with KTG
  • Farewell Dinner: local restaurant, Pyongyang

Overnight: Pyongyang

Day 3


  • Breakfast: Hotel, Pyongyang
  • 10.25 am train to China - if interested in flying back please do let us know


  • Stopover at Sinuiju train station bordering China

Day 4

Arrive in Beijing at 08:40 am

End of your DPRK Tour

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