North Korea Summer Tour 2015

North Korea Summer Tour 2015. The application deadline for our standard North Korea Summer Tour is May 19th 2015. If interested in extending your tour please send us an e-mail stating how long you would like to extend for and if there are any specific places you would like to visit.

If not a US citizen you can also join this tour by train. The tour cost will be lower in this case. Please notify us if interested in this option.

Day 1 - June 16 (Tuesday)

  • Depart from Beijing at 13.00 flight JS 152 Terminal 2, Beijing Capital Airport
  • Arrive in Pyongyang at 16.00 (Pyongyang time)


  • Fountain Park
  • Mansudae Grand Monuments - Giant Bronze Statues of the Leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il
  • Views of Chollima Statue - represents the Chollima policy set by the DPRK to reconstruct the country after the Korean War
  • Arch of Triumph - impressive monument built where Kim Il Sung made his first speach in Pyongyang upong returning to Korea after fighting against the Japanese
  • Welcome Dinner: KITC restaurant
  • Hotel check-in: Yanggakdo Hotel, Pyongyang

Overnight: Yanggakdo Hotel, Pyongyang

Day 2 - June 17 (Wednesday)


  • Breakfast: Yanggakdo Hotel
  • Drive to the picturesque Mount Myohyang - meaning Fragrance Mountain in Korean, it is located in a bucolic area of the DPRK
  • International Friendship Exhibition Centre - exposing thousands of presents given to President Kim Il Sung, his son General Kim Jong Il and his wife Comrade Kim Jong Suk. A new section for the current leader, Kim Jong Un has now been opened. You will also be able to see Koreans from all corners of the DPRK visiting this place. We can have a coffee break in the balcony that offers great views of the picturestique scene in the area.
  • Pohyon Buddhist Temple - used to be the centre of Buddhism of this region of Korea


  • Lunch: Chongchon Hotel
  • Drive back to Pyongyang
  • Ride on Pyongyang Metro, the deepest in the world, with locals. Enjoy an extended ride with locals stopping at several stops and allowing you to see a busier aspect of life in Pyongyang
  • Juche Tower - chance to go up the 150 metre tower (170 metres including the flame) that offers a panoramic view of Pyongyang
  • Dinner: Rungrado Restaurant, Pyongyang

Overnight: Yanggakdo Hotel, Pyongyang

Day 3 - June 18 (Thursday)


  • Breakfast: Yanggakdo Hotel
  • Kumsusan Memorial Palace of the Sun - this where the Leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il remain in state. This is a sacred place in the DPRK and you are kindly asked to wear formal clothes hear. You will be sent more detailed information regarding this but please do contact us at anyt time if you may have any questions regarding this.
  • Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery - dedicated to Korean national heroes. Views of the whole city of Pyongyang are offered.

PMChildrens Palace show in Pyongyang

  • Lunch: local restaurant in Pyongyang
  • Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum (Korean War Museum). Restored recently, the new war museum is enormous and very detailed.
  • USS Pueblo - US spy ship captured in 1968. The only US vessel in possession of a foreign country, it is exposed in North Korea as a trophy and detailed information of the USS Pueblo Incident are given when visiting.
  • Children's Palace with an impressive performance
  • Late drive to Kaesong - We head south on the Re-unification Highway towards the border with South Korea and stay overnight in Kaesong. Our guides will explain the principles by which the DPRK would like to reunite Korea
  • Check-in Minsok Hotel, traditional Korean courtyard hotel

Overnight: Minsok Korean Folk Hotel, Kaesong

Day 4 - June 19 (Friday)

AM Koryo tombs, Kaesong, North Korea

  • Breakfast: Minsok Hotel
  • Go up Janam Hill - this offers perfect views of Kaesong and the old part of town too. Unlike most cities in Korea, Kaesong was not destroyed by the Korean War and the old part of town conserves its original form, which is a great contrast to the other cities in the DPRK.
  • 38th Parallel (DMZ) - see the joint military area. You will be able to enter the blue negotiations room which are set on North and South Korea. This is a highlight of all tours, a moment where the tension can be felt and that you will certainly not forget!
  • Koryo Museum (Kaesong) - first university on the Korean peninsula. Kaesong was the capital of the Koryo Dynasty and this unversity turned museum dates from the 900s.
  • Stamp Shop - located just outside the Koryo musuem, we usually have a break here. All kinds of DPRK stamps, postcards, artwork and other souvenirs can be purchased here.You can also purchase souvenirs in Pyongyang if you wish.


  • Lunch at Tongil Restaurant (Kaesong) - dishes served in golden plated metal bowls. Portions are small, but having 12 bowls per person makes it more than a big lunch!
  • Return to Pyongyang
  • Stop by the Re-unification Monuments
  • Monument to the Foundation of the Korean Workers' Party - the giantic monument of the hammer, sickle and brush
  • Walk around Kim Il Sung Square - stroll around Pyongyang city centre

Overnight: Yanggakdo Hotel, Pyongyang

Day 5 - June 20 (Saturday)

Mural in Wonsan City North KoreaAM

  • Breakfast: Yanggakdo Hotel
  • Drive to the coastal city of Wonsan (east coast) - cross the DPRK from all the way to the east coast, a very rare occasion to see towns and life in these isolated areas of the country
  • Stop at Sinpyong Guest House - relaxing views. Times for a refreshment before carrying on our journey to the other side of the DPRK.


  • Songdowon Beach (chance to swim in the sea), optional sludge baths
  • Songdowon Park
  • Check-in Dongmyong Hotel, Wonsan
  • Dinner: Local restaurant, Wonsan

Overnight: Dongmyong Hotel, Wonsan

Day 6 - June 21 (Sunday)


  • Breakfast: Dyongmong Hotel
  • Chonsam Cooperative Farm - chance to see how farmers and their families work and live. We can visit a home and the school attended by the farmers' children. These are all located within the farm premises.
  • Wonsan Agricultural University - several famous Korean scientists and national heros graduated from this university. When riding here you will pass by several fields
  • Walk to Jandok Island - this offers views of the whole seafront of Wonsan
  • Walk around Wonsan City - Central Square and the pier - we can see locals getting along with their daily lives.

PMChildren in North Korea

  • Return to Pyongyang via the beautiful Ullim Waterfalls (Ullim meaning echo in Korean). These were discovered by soldiers in 2001.
  • En-route picnic lunch / local restaurant
  • Arrival in Pyongyang
  • Evening walk around by the Taedong River in the centre of Pyongyang
  • Farewell Dinner: Local restaurant in Pyongyang

Overnight: Yanggakdo Hotel

Day 7 - June 22 (Monday)


  • Breakfast: Yanggakdo Hotel
  • 10.40 am Train to Beijing - if interested in flying back to Beijing from Pyongyang please contact us


  • Stopover at Sinuiju train station bordering China

Day 8 - June 23 (Tuesday)

Arrive in Beijing at 08:31 am

End of tour

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