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Crossing from South Korea to North Korea

Hi! We are a family of three people, my wife, a 17 month old baby and I. We plan to visit Japan and South Korea one day.

We were thinking of crossing to China via North Korea with a tour operator, as it is the only possible way.

Is it possible to cross to North Korea from South Korea by land? And then possible to land cross to China from North Korea? Or do we have to go back to South Korea? Or take the ferry?

Thanks for your time. In case it is possible to organize a trip, we would like to have a quote.

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Jun 13, 2020
Entering North Korea by land from South Korea
by: KTG

Hi! Thanks for your message.

It is not possible to go from South Korea to North Korea by land of vice versa. You would have to go from South Korea to China and then enter North Korea from there. Another alternative is to fly from South Korea to Vladivostok and then fly from there to Pyongyang, though flying from South Korea to Vladivostok will be much more expensive than doing so to China. You can go to Pyongyang from China either from Beijing by flight or train, Shenyang (flight or train) or Dandong (train).

We can hand you your DPRK visa in all of the places mentioned and can arrange for it to be issued in Vladivostok if you go for that option.

As for exiting, you can do so via train or plane. If you take a Sinuiju border extension tour you then leave Sinuiju by bus. You still go over the frienship bridge that connects Sinuiju to Dandong but by bus. We have occasionally have travellers do this by foot though.

As for a quote, please email us as the rate will depend on how long you stay, means of entry, etc if taking a private trip vs a group tour, etc. If your child is under 2 there is no cost and there is a 75% discount if under 12.

This information is if you would like to go to Pyongyang. It is possible too to go to Rason in the Northeast, right next to Russia and Jilin province in China. You enter and exit this place by land from Jilin province.

Hope this helps!

Rayco / KTG

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