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Working-living in North Korea?

by Asia Pali

Hi to everyone!

I would really LOVE to visit North Korea, my major is Korean language, I'm very interested in north Korean stuff, culture, politics. I was wondering if it was possible for a foreigner like me to live there and work, i don't have a company, but i have saved some money i could use for living. I know it is quite weird and impossible, but I am really curious even about marriages there, has it ever happen a mixed marriage between a north korean man and a foreign woman, mixed families aren't supposed to be?
Of course I am only asking, but who knows for the future, I would really like to get the opportunity to stay in DPRK! It seems to be a great experience :)
Thanks for paying attention!

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Dec 16, 2013
Living and working in North Korea
by: Rayco

Hi there!

Thanks for your message. It is actually not impossible to live and work in North Korea as a foreigner. Apart from diplomats and NGOs there are too some foreign run companies based in North Korea.

Right now our focus is on travel in the DPRK but we do have close foreign friends, including Americans, working and living in the DPRK. The way they have their multiple entry work visa is that an organisation based in North Korea invites them to work there.

Please drop us an email at biz@north-korea-travel.com if you have any other questions.



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