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How to book a tour to North Korea

by Mark
(London, UK)

Hello KTG,

I am considering joining your tour to North Korea on your Victory Day - Mass Games Premiere tour from July 26.

I have a few preliminary questions about the organisation of the tour in North Korea:

1. Are your prices fixed or are surcharges possible?

2. How is the payment processed? Is a deposit necessary?

3. I am interested in taking the train either to or from the tour. How does this affect the price? I may choose to stay over in Dandong.

4. It seems that I cannot take my cellphone, laptop, MP3 player(?) into NK. Do you provide secure storage facilities for the duration of the trip?

5. Do you have a pre-tour meeting?

6. Is there any risk that tickets to the Mass Games may not be available?

7. I am already travelling around Asia. I therefore need to complete the entire process online. Could that present any difficulties?

8. I am travelling alone, happy to share a room. I assume a single room supplement only applies if i require a single room?

I guess that is enough to start with.

Thanks in anticipation.


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Jun 14, 2020
Booking a trip to North Korea
by: KTG

Hi everyone,

We posted the first reply to this below a while back. Please check our following article for more information:

How to Book a Tour to North Korea.



May 21, 2011
Re: How to travel to North Korea
by: KTG

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your message. Regarding your questions:

1. Rates are fixed. They do not, as stated, include the DPRK visa fee (35 Euros if issued in Beijing), the entrance to the Mass Games (from 80 Eu, to be purchased in Pyongyang) or extra optional activities such as the Revolutionary Opera, Circus (10 Euros each) or going up the Juche Tower (5 Euros). You will also be expected to give guides a minimum of 20 to 25 Euros in total as tips.

2. We require a 50% deposit by the application deadline (June 28th). We accept secure payments such as credit/debit card or PayPal of which we are a verified user. We also accept bank transfers. The remaining 50% can be paid when you collect your visa directly to our Korean partners. Please bear in mind that they only accept cash. If you are already travelling around Asia and cannot pay in Euros, USD and Chinese RMB are accepted too.

3. Unfortunately there are no trains leaving the DPRK on Tuesdays. This means you would have to enter by train and exit by plane. If taking the train in then please deduct 50 Euros from the tour rate. You would leave Beijing at 17.20 on Monday July 25th (or Sunday if you would like to spend a night there) and arrive in Pyongyang on Tuesday 26th at 19.30, a few hours later than the rest of the group.

4. MP3 players can be taken in to the country. We do not have any physical address in Beijing so cannot offer any storage room. We recommend customers to leave items they do not wish to take to the DPRK at the airport lockers in Beijing (costs are around 30 RMB per night) or at their hotels.

5. The group meets with our Korean partners the day before departing to the DPRK when collecting their visas and other travel documents. We will send you a detailed briefing regarding travelling to the DPRK before you meet them and you can ask us and/or them any questions you may have regarding the trip or the country in general.

6. It has been officially confirmed that the Mass Games will take place from August 1st to at least September 9th. Tickets will be available for travellers. However, we cannot 100% guarantee that these may not be cancelled / postponed at any given time (e.g. because of unexpected factors such as floods). We do, however, expect them to take place as officially confirmed by the DPRK authorities.

7. It is fine to make the entire booking online. You do not need to send us your passport at any moment but we will eventually need a scanned image of your passport, a filled in DPRK visa form (we will email you the form with clear instructions on how to fill it in) and a passport sized photograph image. All documents can be sent to us via fax or email (in the case of the photograph we will need a colour one).

8. Yes indeed, it is ok for you to share a room with another traveller. Single rooms are only provided if you specifically ask for one.
If you have any other questions Mark or if anything is unclear, please do not hesitate to let us know.



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