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Short visit to Nort Korea

Later this year I'm going to Seoul and for a few days I would like very much to visit DPRK as a tourist, if possible?

I've never been to North Korea before, but have travelled in China.

I'm aware of the conflict between North Korea and South Korea, but I am not interested in politics or have any political views, just want to experience the beauty of DPRK.

With kind regards

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Apr 01, 2014
Short trip to North Korea
by: Anonymous

Dear Sir,

It is possible for you to visit North Korea as a tourist. Please note that you cannot go directly from South Korea and would have to go to China and enter from there. It is also possible to enter via Vladivostok in Russia, but going from China would be much easier for you if already travelling in South Korea. Please send us an email at info@north-korea-travel.com.

Please check our group departures in the following link:


Our groups tours tend to be small, with less than 10 people on average which we believe allows for more flexibility during our trip and a greater chance to interact more with locals which is harder to obtain with large groups. However, if the dates do not fit in well with your schedule a fully customised trip can be arranged. Please check our following link for more information on rates:


I hope this message is of help. Please do let us know if you may have any other questions.

Best regards,

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