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Visiting DPRK in 2019

by Rodrigue

Dear KTG,

I would really enjoy traveling to DPRK in 2019, especially for the May day experience.
However, I am a bit stressed, as when I talk about this travel to my relatives, they really think I should not go. (1) What actually could be the main risks?
Also, I am planning to travel to other countries in 2019 (Japan, Canada, USA), (2) is it possible that I might not be accepted in these countries after having visited DPRK?
(3) Does taking the train back from DPRK to Beijing imply asking for a Chinese visa ?
And finally, (4) is there a limit of baggage quantity I can take with me to DPRK, and are there prohibited items ?

Thank you very much in advance for your reply,

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Dec 30, 2018
Your questions regarding going to DPRK
by: KTG

Hi Rodrigue,

Thanks for your message. If safety is a main concern for you then we recommend you to contact your country’s foreign ministry/department of foreign affairs to see what they suggest regarding going to DPRK. We believe that it is safe to go, otherwise we would not arrange trips there. We have been going to Korea since 2008 and have had no incidents. However, we, nor any other agency, are in any position to determine how safe or dangerous it is to go to DPRK.

Japan, Canada, USA - we have many travellers go there after their DPRK tour, some living and working there and have never had any news from them saying that going to these countries was an issue (we have many Canadian travellers and had many US travellers before the US imposed a travel ban on its citizens to go). However, once again, we are in no position to determine what each country’s policy is regarding accepting people visiting them so please contact their respective authorities and see if your going to the DPRK will affect your being accepted to enter their country.

Train back - yes, you will need a Chinese visa if entering or exiting Korea by train. We can provide you with a letter and itinerary for you to hand to the China visa service centre.

You can take up to 23 kg if flying in. Prohibited items include anything pornographic (also forbidden in China), DPRK travel guides and any negative information about Korea. We strongly recommend you not to take in any religious material as if left in Korea this will be a problem (proselytising in DPRK is strictly prohibited). Please note that we will send you an extensive briefing before your trip and will go over this when we meet in Beijing before your tour.

Do please let us know if you may have any other questions Rodrigue, whichever these may be, and thank you for having contacted KTG.

Kind regards,

Rayco / KTG

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