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Does having been in the USA cause problems for traveling to North Korea?

Hello, I'd be eventually interested in a trip in North Korea but I have a few question about it.

First question is: how much is the total price of the trip ?

Second question: how long does the trip last?

Third question: I went to the USA, I have a stamp of it, is it a problem? Can i get the entry visa to North Korea refused because of that?

Forth question: what is the best period to go to North Korea ? What time of the year do most people go to North Korea?

Fifth question : when you are organising a tour to North Korea, are all the travelers from the same nationality, or is it mixed ?

Thank you in advance for you answers,


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Aug 21, 2014
questions about travelling to North Korea
by: Rayco

Hi Thiebault,

Thanks for your message.

Prices vary depending on whether you join a group, go individually and how you enter and exit North Korea. Please check our group tours in the following link for more information regarding rates and duration:


You can see our independent tour rates in the following page:


It is no problem if you have a US stamp/visa in your passport. In fact we arrange trips for many Americans each year.

Best period to go to North Korea - in terms of weather spring and autumn are the most pleasant times to go. In terms of festivities main holidays such as, bot not limited to, the birthdays of the Leaders Kim Il Sung (April 15th) and Kim Jong Il (February 16), May Day (May 1), Victory Day (July 27), National Day (September 9), etc are an interesting time to go.

We have group departures around the main national holidays in DPRK so please check these in the link above.

As for our groups, we tend to have travellers from different European countries, Australia, the US, etc. Our group tours tend to be very small with less than 10 people on average.

Hope this helps. Please let us know if you may have any other questions.



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