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Can Americans travel to North Korea?

by Will

I checked out your website and it appears that Americans can travel to North Korea. I had always thought North Korea was off-limits to Americans (except for high profile diplomats and politicians). Can ordinary American tourists (like myself) travel to North Korea now? Has the government changed the laws?

Anyways, I am very interested in doing a tour of North Korea, although probably not this year. Is your 2012 tour schedule posted yet?

To go on your tours, are travelers required to get themselves to Beijing on their own?



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Mar 12, 2015
The Interview movie has no effect whatsoever on Americans visiting North Korea
by: KTG

Hi Harry,

Thanks for your comment.

The Interview movie has no effect whatsoever on regarding American tourism in North Korea. US citizens are more than welcome to go to DPRK.

Americans actually tend to be very pleasantly surprised on the friendly treatment they receive in North Korea.



Mar 11, 2015
Americans going to North Korea
by: Harry

I don’t know much about this and the possibilities are narrow considering the present scenario as Hollywood released the film which criticized the governance and the ruler of the country. It would be wise if you could contact with the embassy so that you may have the full detail.

Sep 21, 2011
Americans visiting North Korea
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your email and interest in visiting the DPRK. Yes, US tourists can visit North Korea.

Please see our following thread for more details regarding this:


Our 2012 tours will be up later this year.

You will have to arrange the trip to China yourself and apply for a double-entry Chinese visa as you will be entering China twice unbless you are to stay in Beijing for less than 24 hours either upon arrival from the US or on your return from Pyongyang. In this case you will have to show evidence of your next flight at customs in China and will be able to stay in Beijing for 24 hours without having to use a visa entry.

If you have any other questions, please just let us know!

Thank you,


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