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North Korean visa in my passport

by Tom

Hello KTG,

I would like to have my North Korean visa attached to my passport to have as a souvenir and, let's be honest, brag about!

However, from what I gather, DPRK visas are not attached to your passport and you are handed a seperate tourist card.

Is this so?



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Jun 13, 2015

by: Rayco Vega

Glad the post helped!



Jun 11, 2015
by: Anonymous

That is great news

Mar 17, 2011
re: DPRK passport in your visa
by: KTG

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your message. If your visa is issued in Beijing it will not be attached to your passport. You will not need to send us or the DPRK authorities your original passport at any moment.

If you would like your North Korean visa to be attached to your passport, then we will issue your visa in your country of residence if there is a DPRK Embassy, consulate or delegation there. You will be able to collect your DPRK visa before heading out to China. If the embassy/consulate/delegation is too far away from your home you can also mail it to them (you will be contacted so as when to provide your passport to the DPRK authorities).

Another solution of course is to simply take a picture of your DPRK visa if you have it issued in China!



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