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How much does a trip to North Korea cost?

by Andre

Dear all,

I saw your North Korea travelling explanation website.

I am planning to go there in March 2012, there are a several questions I'd like to ask:

1. How can I get visa, should I apply after I get my airplane ticket to Beijing ?

2. I'll be going by myself, I don't mind joining the North Korea group travels, can you put me in any groups to save up the travel budget?

3. For tipping in North Korea, is it given to the guide and driver everyday, or just the end of the tours ?

4. How long does the tour in North Korea take ? (A week or ?)

5. For restaurant meals and hotels, drinks in North Korea, are these all covered in the tour fare or must I pay separately?

6. Approximately, how much does it cost me for a whole tour in North Korea including, hotels, meals and visiting places and transportation to, in and out of North Korea.

Thanks a lot,


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Aug 27, 2023
Going to North Korea and living in Japan
by: KTG® Tours

Hey Jeremy,

Thanks for your message. The borders are still closed to travellers because of Covid, but they just re-opened recently to DPRK nationals, so there may be tours soon!

It is no issue for the DPRK that you live and work in Japan. You might want to check with Japan if going there is an issue for them, though we have had several travellers living there going our tours.

Best regards,


May 02, 2023
Best time to visit
by: Anonymous

Hi there I’m from Australia but work in Japan is still safe to travel to North Korea ?? I’m looking at going October for 1 week how much am I looking at including airfare etc much appreciated jeremy

Jul 02, 2019
Want to save my money and go.
by: Max keeffe

Would love to visit North Korea.I want to save money to go .I want to see the metro and the statues and all the fine people of North Korea.I would want to experience North Korea.Its just so interesting to see this.

Dec 14, 2011
cost of a trip in North Korea
by: KTG

Hi Andre,

The cost of a trip to North Korea depends on the duration of your stay and means of entry / exit. We can arrange a 2 night / 3 day private tours from €495 Euros though our 4 nights / 5 day tours, flying in from Beijing to Pyongyang and taking the train back to Beijing start from €945 Euros.

Regarding your questions:

1. If you do not have your North Korean visa issued in your country of residence, it will be handed to you when you meet the rest of the group in Beijing the day before heading to North Korea.
Regarding visas and how to book a trip please see our following thread:

How to Book a Trip to North Korea

2. You can join a group even if you are a single traveller and you may share your room with another traveller in order to avoid paying a single room supplement.

3. Our travellers tip at the end of the tour, though they give the guides some small gifts from the home countries on day one or day two of the trip.

4. Please refer to our group tours to have an idea of the duration of our group tours. These range from 3 nights to 8 nights. You may extend your stay if you wish.

North Korea Group Tours

If you may be interested in a private tour, please check our following section:

North Korea Private Tours

5. All these costs; round transportation from Beijing to North Korea, hotel accommodation, meals (b,l,d), guides, entrance fees, etc are included in the rates. Souvenirs and spare drinks you may have, e.g. in the hotel bars in the evening, are not included.

All meals come with a free drink and free bottled water.

6. The cost of your tour in North Kroea will depend on how long you will stay in Korea. Please refer to the link above of our group tours to have an idea of how much your trip will be. We always recommend travellers to take around 50 Euros for each day the stay as there (even though you will probably not need so much) are not ATMs in North Korea and bank cards cannot be used there. For your reference, travellers in North Korea tend to purchase more souvenirs than they had initially expected as this are so unique and rare to find out of North Korea.

Our North Korea group tour rates include the following:

* Transport costs from Beijing to Pyongyang and back

* All local transfer costs

* Accommodation at the Yanggakdo Hotel (4 star accommodation, twin room)

* Three meals per day (B,L,D)

* Guide service in English / requested language if other

* Entrance tickets to all tourist attractions

The following is not included in our North Korea group tours:

* DPRK visa fee (€50 if issued in Beijing)

* Arirang Mass Games tickets (these start from €100) and other optional special events that may be staged such as the Circus show or the Revolutionary Opera (€10 each). These are to be paid for on the spot in Pyongyang.

* Going up the Juche Tower which is optional (€5)

* Upgrading room to a single one (€35 per room per night if upgraded before hand, €40 per night if upgraded on the spot)

* Extra drinks/snacks (meals include one drink and bottled water)

* Meals on the train from the DPRK to Beijing (approx. €5. You can also bring your own food)

* Tips to tour guides (approx. €45 in total)

Hope this helps! If you have any other questions, just let us know!




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