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Mass Dances in North Korea

by Steph

When do the Mass Dances in North Korea take place? Do they happen when the Mass Games are held or does it not have to do with the Mass Games.

Are travelers allowed to join North Koreans in the Mass Dances or are we only allowed to observe? I know there are several restrictions for tourists in North Korea but from the pictures shown in your site I've seen travelers dancing with North Koreans dressed in what looks like traditional Korean outfits with hundreds of others (I assume these pictures are of the Mass Dances).

If anyone at KTG or any traveler who has been there could answer I'd appreciate it very much.


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Feb 14, 2011
Mass dances vs Mass Games
by: KTG

Hi Steph and Luce,

Thanks for the messages! Like Luce says, the Mass Dances are different to the Mass Games. The Mass Games take place usually from August to October and involve over 100,000 people. Participants train for months and months beforehand. Please check the following links for more info related to the Mass Games:



The Mass Dances take place when there is a national holiday (e.g. Kim Il Sung's Birthday, National Day, Liberation Day, etc). Thousands of Koreans dance, the ladies dressed in bright traditional Korean outfits. Travellers are more than welcome to join them! You can see a few pics on our site of the Mass Dances like the one in the following links:



Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions. You can either post it here or send us an email if you prefer.



Feb 12, 2011
re: mass dances in North Korean
by: Luce

Hi Steph,

I went on a tour last year during the National Holiday, 9 September and they had Mass Dances. The guides encouraged me to join people and so I did in spite not being that talented at dancing! It was a lot of fun. The movements aren't that hard and everyone is really coordinated! I also managed to see people dancing in the park. Again I was asked to join and, what the heck, why not? In the park they were older people dancing and were nowhere near as many as in the Mass Dances, where there were literally thousands.

The Mass Games were also on, though it is a separate thing. I'd definitely recommend anyone to check out this country...

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