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Entering North Korea by plane vs. by train and when to go

by KTG

Hi everyone!

Below are some questions regarding how taking the train both ways vs. entering by plane and exiting by train affects your North Korea tour price and when the main festivities in the DPRK are. Hope it is of help!

Q. Regarding transportation, is it cheaper to go in and out with train instead of flying?

A. Yes, but we only charge 50 Euros more if you fly in vs. taking the train in for our private tours and around 60 Euros more for our group tours. If you would like to enter by train we strongly recommend you to leave Beijing on Monday, Wednesday or Friday arriving the next day in Pyongyang as there are more carriages then and there has been an increase of Chinese tourists entering by train.

Restaurant carriage on the train from Pyongyang in North Korea to China. The decorations are because of New Year's. Trip arranged by KTG

Q. For my girlfriend and i it would be very interesting to experience some of North Korea’s celebration days. If you should recommend the best time to go to North Korea, what would that be?

The main holidays are as follows:

15 April - Birthday of President Kim Il Sung - there are usually Mass Dances and fireworks in the evening at the square with thousands of people.

Fireworks for Kim Il Sung's Birthday in Pyongyang, North Korea. Picture taken by KTG Tours

16 February - Birthday of Chairman Kim Jong Il - there are usually Mass Dances and fireworks in the evening at the square with thousands of people.

Mass Dances in Pyongyang to celebrate Chairman Kim Jong Il's Birthday

May Day - there are usually mass dances on 1st May. Plus many people celebrate in the park and we can dance, drink and have fun with them. Weather is also good. The only risk is that the Palace of the Sun usually closes from the end of April / beginning of May.

KTG travellers dancing with locals on May Day in Moran Park, Pyongyang capital of North Korea (DPRK)

27 July Victory Day - Victory over the Korean War. There are usually mass dances on 27 July.

Mass Dances in Pyongyang,capital of North Korea (DPRK) on 27 July to celebrate Victory Day. V-Day in North Korea marks the end of the Korean War. Picture taken by KTG

15 August - Liberation Day from Japan - there are usually Mass Dances, but not always.

Locals celebrating Liberation Day in North Korea. 15 August marks the liberation of Korea from Japana and its colonial rule. Picture taken by KTG

9 September - National Day, there are usually mass dances.

Locals celebrating National Day in North Korea. 9 September 1948 is when the DPRK was established. Picture taken by KTG

10 October - Party Foundation Day, there are usually mass dances. Please check our Youtube video below:

New Year's - thousands of people usually gather at the square for firework displays on New Year’s Eve.

New Year's Even in North Korea. Crowds gathering at Kim Il Sung Square. Trip arranged by KTG Tours

In terms of weather spring and autumn are the best seasons. The rainy season is July. Winter is interesting because there are very few tourists in the country but if you plan to go to the east coast then it is best to go when warmer. Please refer to our following link regarding weather and festivities in North Korea:

Climate & Fesitivities in North Korea

Do please let me know if either of you may have any other questions, whichever these may be.

Kind regards,

Rayco / KTG

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