• Changgwangsan Hotel in Pyongyang, DPRK (North Korea)

Changgwangsan Hotel

The Changgwangsan Hotel is located in the Central District of Pyongyang, a five minute walk away from the Air Koryo offices and the Ragwon Department Store. Near the Pothong River, this hotel was built in 1975 and refurbished in 2006. It offers great views of central landmarks such as the Cultural House and the Ice Rink.

Views of the Ice Rink in Pyongyang from the Changgwangsan Hotel

Views of the Ice Rink in Pyongyang from the Changgwangsan Hotel

As you enter the hotel lobby which is decorated with large chandeliers, an impressive portrait of the Leaders of DPRK is shown. The Leaders are shown in Mt. Paekdu, a sacred place for Koreans.

Image of the Leaders of DPRK in the lobby of the Chuangguangsan Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea

Mt. Paekdu is partly located in China too and many South Koreans go to that part of the mountain to visit what is considered the point of origin of the Korean people.

Air Koryo offices in Pyongyang. Air Koryo is North Korea's national airline company

Old School - entrance of the Air Koryo ticketing offices in Pyongyang

Culture hall in Pyongyang, capital of North Korea (officially called the DPRK)

The Pyongyang Culture Halll can be seen from the Changgwangsan Hotel


There is a shop in the hotel lobby right next to the main reception. A variety of DPRK products can be purchased here. Daily commodity products can be purchased at a smaller stall located outside the Changwangsan's main shop.

Shop in the Changwangsan Hotel. This is a first class hotel located in Pyongyang, DPRK

Shopping Around - a variety of DPRK products can be purchased at the shop located in the lobby of the Changgwangsan Hotel

Please note too that the famous Ragwon Store is located literally just a few minutes' walk away from here. This store is large and sells a combination of DPRK and foreign goods (mostly from China). We arrange visits to this store, mainly for our DPRK Private Tours, as they allow travellers to see North Koreans from Pyongyang getting along with their daily lives. Please note that haggling is not possible in this store and that rates of goods are fixed.

Ragwon Department Store in Pyongyang, North Korea. This is located near the Air Koryo offices and the Changgwangsan Hotel in the capital of North Korea

The Ragwon Department Store is very close to the Changwangsan Hotel. Going there even if to just take a look around is an experience itself.


There are several night clubs in the hotel as well as a restaurant. If you are more interested in staying in a hotel offering greater leisure facilities you may like to check our page on the Yanggakdo Hotel.

Changgwangsan Hotel Reception. This hotel is located in downtown Pyongyang, close to major spots such as the ice rink and Ragwon department store


The Changgwangsan Hotel has 18 floors and 420 rooms. The bedrooms in the Changwangsan Hotel are divided into different categories.

Twin room, the Changgwangsan Hotel in Pyongyang. This is used as an option for budget accommodaiton in North Korea

Standard Twin Room at the Changgwangsan Hotel

Standard twin rooms have AC, TV with local channels and all basic amenities required. You should note that this hotel is not used by many foreigners.

Changgwangsan Hotel, Deluxe room. This is a first class hotel (budget hotel) in Pyongyang, North Korea (DPRK)

Deluxe Rooms have a spacious office, a living room and offer fantastic views of the People's Assembly Hall

If what you are looking for is a more luxurious experience in this hotel you may consider the Deluxe Rooms. These have ample space with a bedroom, office and living room. Views outside the hotel show daily life from close up in the North Korean capital.

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