• Korean film studios in Pyongyang. Picture taken by KTG Tours

Korean Film Studios | Pyongyang

The Korean Film Studio is located about 16 km north of Pyongyang's city centre. The studio was founded in 1947 and has an area of over 1 million m².

Filming of a DPRK movie during one of our trips to the Korean Film Studios

Filming of a DPRK movie during one of our trips to the Korean Film Studios

It has whole streets with buildings imitating several places and time spaces; Ancient Korea, China, South Korea in the 1950s, Europe, Japan, etc.

Korean film studio in Pyonygang, DPRK. Trip arranged by KTG Tours

Travellers, including local North Koreans, have a chance of wearing film costumes when in the studio as well as seeing short clips of modern DPRK movies.

familles nord-coréennes aux studios de cinéma de Pyongyang en Corée du Nord avec KTG Tours

If you are lucky, you may also have the chance to see the filming of a movie as this is the place where all DPRK movies are filmed!

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