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Extended North Korea Summer Tour 2021

Extended North Korea Summer Tour 2021 - check out the DPRK when there are very few Westerners in the country. The application deadline for our Extended North Korea Summer Tour is May 8th 2021. If interested in extending your tour please send us an e-mail stating how long you would like to extend for and if there are any specific places you would like to visit.


We will stay at one of the best hotels Pyongyang has to offer; The Koryo Hotel. Unlike other hotels such as the Sosan Hotel, Ryanggang, Haebansan, etc, this Deluxe Hotel is not a budget hotel and offers some of the best hotel facilities in Pyongyang.

We will also stay overnight at the Minsok Traditional Korean Courtyard Hotel in Kaesong city, near the DMZ which borders South Korea. This hotel that stretches to the footsteps of Mount Janam is in the old part of the city and the rooms were actually homes used by locals until 1989 before it was turned into a tourist complex.

Minsok Folk Hotel in Kaesong city with KTG Tours. Join our North Korea summer tour

Group Size

KTG group at the Korean War Museum in Pyongyang, North Korea (DPRK)

Our groups usually consist of 10 people or less. We strongly believe that having small sized groups helps us to get to know our local guides in Korea personally and have a deeper understanding of the DPRK, something not feasible with large sized groups. Our Western staff members go in frequently with groups to Korea and we know the guides very well.

We believe that having large groups of say over 20 people does not allow travellers to get to know the guides that well, whereas smaller sized groups allows for more interaction and flexibility once in the DPRK.

In the unlikely case of having 19 people, we will divide the group into two completely separate groups, each with their own guides, vehicle and driver.

Route and Map

Check the places that you will visit on this trip on the map below and hover over each place for more details.

Pyongyang is marked with the big red star.

Dandong and Sinuiju are just transit spots where we go stop by for Chinese and Korean customs. We do, however, offer extension tours in both cities so do please let us know if you would be interested in either option.

Tour Outline

You will spend 6 nights / 7 days in the DPRK plus one or two nights on the train depending on your means of entry and exit. You will explore Pyongyang, go to the famous DMZ, staying overnight at a traditional courtyard hotel in Kaesong city, see Sariwon city, head to the northern interior of the country and visit the secluded and beautiful area of Mount Myohyang and then cross the Korean peninsula reaching the east coast where you will stay overnight at the port city of Wonsan.

You can also join this tour by train. The tour cost will be lower in this case. Please notify us if interested in this option.


KTG staff member in 2008 with DPRK officer in Panmunjom in North Korea Children at the beach in Wonsan city on the east coast of North Korea, DPRK. Trip arranged by KTG Tours
  • The DMZ where the Korean War Armistice was signed and where soldiers from North and South Korea face each other.
  • The ancient city of Kaesong.
  • Visiting a local cooperative farm.
  • Travelling across the DPRK all the way to the east coast where you will be able to swim with locals at the beach, check a summer camp and much more!

Detailed Itinerary

Please note that itineraries are always subject to change based on circumstances in the DPRK.

Day 0 - June 28 (Monday) for those entering by train

Those taking the train in meet our KTG staff downtown Beijing for our pre-tour briefing and will then take the train to Pyongyang, arriving the following day in Pyongyang

Day 1 - June 29 (Tuesday)

Arch of Triumph in Pyongyang North Korea with KTG Tours on our June Summer tour in North Korea


  • Depart from Beijing at 13.05 flight JS 152 Terminal 2, Beijing Capital Airport
  • Arrive in Pyongyang at 16.05 (Pyongyang time)
  • Arch of Triumph - drive through the city centre of Pyongyang ending at this majesteuse monument which, by the way, is taller than its Parisian counterpart. As of April 2016 it is possible to go up the Arch of Triumph (this is optional and has a cost of 3 Euros). This offers great views of the city centre of Pyongyang including Kim Il Sung Stadium
  • Brief Walk around the area by the mosaic of President Kim Il Sung
  • North Korea Summer Tour Welcome Dinner: KITC Restaurant, Pyongyang
  • Hotel check-in: Koryo Hotel

Overnight: Koryo Hotel, Pyongyang

Day 2 - 30 June (Wednesday)


  • Fountain Park - walk around here before heading to Mansu Hill. Families and friends usually come here for pictures
  • Mansudae Grand Monuments - Giant bronze statues of the Leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. Please note that this is not a tourist area and it is a very important place for Koreans. We kindly ask people to be respectful and on their best behaviour here.
Mansudae Grand Monuments in Pyongang capital of North Korea, DPRK, with KTG Tours. These giant bronze statues of the Leader Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il are visited by locals regularly
  • Views of Chollima Statue - representing the policy used by the DPRK government after the Korean War. The aim of this policy was to reconstruct the country at the speed of the mythical Chollima Horse
  • Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum (Korean War Museum) - the War museum has been now moved to the building next to where it used to be. It is usually described by our travellers as the largest museum they've ever visited. Please check our Youtube video of some of the US weapons shown in the museum:
  • USS Pueblo - US spy ship captured in 1968. The only US vessel in possession of a foreign country. This is kept in the DPRK as a trophy and proudly shown to North Koreans and foreigners alike.
  • Party Foundation Monument - monument consisting of a 50 metre high hammer, sickle and brush
  • Juche Tower- chance to go up the 150 metre tower (170 metres including the flame) that offers a panoramic view of Pyongyang. Please check our short Youtube video about the Juche Tower below:


  • Ride on the Pyongyang Metro - one of the deepest in the world. Take an metro ride through various stops with locals and have a chance to experience Pyongyang at its busiest time!
North Korean lady reading a framed newspaper in the Pyongang metro, DPRK
  • DPRK Bookstore - you will be able to purchase DPRK books published in English and other languages. DVDs and the Pyongyang Times newspaper are also sold here.
  • Drive to Kaesong - we head down the virtually empty Re-unification highway. As we drive toward Kaesong we will be able to see the Kaesong Industrial Complex (albeit at a distance) and the train station that was built with the railtrack that unites North and South Korea and awaits to be frequently used some day.
  • Check-in Minsok Hotel - traditional Korean courtyard hotel. Quietly located in the old part of Kaesong. Viewing the giant bronze statue of Kim Il Sung lit up at night and standing in the horizon from this hotel is an experience. You will be able to sit and eat on the floor as per Korean traditional style.
Minsok Hotel, Kaesong DPRK (North Korea)

Overnight: Minsok Hotel, Kaesong

Day 3 - July 1 (Thursday)


  • Breakfast: Minsok Hotel
  • Walk in the old part of town - we will have a brief walk going past the main gate of town in the old area of town leaving from our hotel.
  • Panmunjom (DMZ, aka 38th Parallel) - one of the highlights of our North Korea Summer Tour. You will have the chance to enter the famous blue negotiation room where talks between North; South Korea have taken place if they are opened to travellers, if not you will get close to them. You will also see where the War Armistice was signed and have tour of Panmunjom.


  • Lunch at Tongil Restaurant (Kaesong) - dishes are served in no less than 12 small covered bowls per person.
Food in Kaesong, North Korea (DPRK)
  • Koryo Museum (UNESCO World Heritage site) - the first university of the Korean peninsula. This building dates back to the 900s when Kaesong was capital of the Koryo Dynasty.
  • Kaesong Stamp Shop -  just located outside the museum. You can also purchase souvenirs in Pyongyang if you wish.
  • Drive to Sariwon City - this lively city is located in North Hwanghae Province and is one of the largest in Korea.
Views of Sariwon City from Mount Kyongnam Pavilion in North Korea, DPRK
  • Ancient Model Pavilions - we will see how Koreans lived in ancient times and check some model pavilions of times past in Korea
  • Walk up Mount Kyongnam - this walk is not as daunting as it may sound! It takes around 5 to 10 minutes to walk up to the main pavillion where we will have fabulous views of the whole city of Sariwon and of its surrounding areas. You can see a short video of the main street we walk around in Sariwon and of the views from Mount Kyongnam in our video below (feel free to visit KTG's Youtube Channel for more videos):

  • Transfer to Pyongyang
  • Three Charters Reunification Monument - consisting of two ladies that represent the reunification of the Korean Peninsula
  • Dinner: Pyongyang Number 1 Duck BBQ, Pyongyang
  • Evening Funfair (optional) - rides cost from 1 to 5 Euros. We recommend going here to check out the lively atmosphere

Overnight: Koryo Hotel, Pyongyang

Day 4 - 2 July (Friday)


  • Breakfast: Koryo Hotel, Pyongyang
  • Drive to Mount Myohyang - "Fragrance Mountain", we head north to a beautiful part of northwestern interior of North Korea
  • International Friendship Exhibition Centre - exposing thousands of presents given to President Kim Il Sung, his son General Kim Jong Il and his wife Comrade Kim Jong Suk. There is now too a section for the current leader Kim Jong Un.
  • Pohyon Buddhist Temple - first built in 1042, it was restored in the 1500s and 1700s and after the Korean War
Pohyon Temple in Mount Myohyang, DPRK (North Korea)


  • Lunch: Hyangsan Hotel, Mount Myohyang - one of the most luxurious hotels in the DPRK
  • Drive back to Pyongyang
  • Grand People's Study House - more than just a library, this huge building is also a study centre and has amazing views of Kim Il Sung Square
  • Kwangbok Supermarket - this is the only place where foreigners can exchange foreign currency for Korean won and purchase goods with Korean won. This place is usually packed with locals and we are allowed to wander around by ourselves. The bottom floor consists of a supermarket which mainly consists of local goods. The first floor is where clothes is sold as well as other goods such as watches, home equipment. The top floor is where we can buy snacks and meals and it is where hundreds of people tend to gather with their families for some food!
  • Dinner: Local Restaurant, Pyongyang

Overnight: Koryo Hotel, Pyongyang

Day 5 - 3 July (Saturday)


  • Drive to the coastal city of Wonsan (east coast) - cross the DPRK from all the way to the east coast, a very rare occasion to see towns and life in these isolated areas of the country
  • Stop at Sinpyong Guest House - relaxing views. Time for a refreshment before carrying on our journey to the other side of the DPRK.
Sinpyong Guest House, North Korea (DPRK)


  • Lunch: local restaurant
  • Chonsam Cooperative Farm - hance to see how farmers and their families work and live. We can visit a home and the school attended by the farmers' children. These are all located within the farm premises.
Chonsan Farm near Wonsan city in North Korea (DPRK)
  • Wonsan Agricultural University - several famous Korean scientists and national heros graduated from this university. When riding here you will pass by several fields
  • Songdowon Beach - (chance to swim in the sea), optional sludge baths
  • Hotel Check-in: Tongmyong Hotel, Wonsan
  • Dinner: Local restaurant, Wonsan

Overnight: Dongmyong Hotel, Wonsan

Day 6 - 4 July (Sunday)


Chonsam cooperative farm in Wonsan, North Korea (DPRK)
  • Songdowon Summer Camp
  • Walk to Jangdok Island - this offers views of the whole seafront of Wonsan
  • Walk around Wonsan City - Central Square and the pier - we can see locals getting along with their daily lives.


  • Return to Pyongyang via the beautiful Ullim Waterfalls - (Ullim means echo in Korean). These were discovered by soldiers in 2001.
  • En-route picnic lunch / local restaurant
Ullim Waterfalls, North Korea (DPRK)
  • Arrival in Pyongyang
  • Evening walk around by the Taedong River in the centre of Pyongyang
  • Farewell Dinner: local restaurant, Pyongyang

Overnight: Koryo Hotel, Pyongyang

Day 7 - 5 July (Monday)


  • Breakfast: Koryo Hotel
  • 10.25 am train to China - if interested in flying back please do let us know


  • Stopover at Sinuiju train station bordering China - customs procedures will be carried out on the train

Day 8 - 6 July (Tuesday)

Arrive in Beijing at 08:40 am

End of our 2021 North Korea Summer Tour 2021

Please go to our North Korea tourism page to see more information on other tours that we offer other than our North Korea Summer Tour 2021.

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