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Rason Tour: 2 nights / 3 days in the DPRK Itinerary

Note: the hotel shown below is now called the Imperial Hotel and Casino, Rason. The picture shown is an outdated and we would like you to see what it looked like before.

Rason Tour - this sample 2 nights / 3 days itinerary in the Free Trade Special Economic Zone will allow you see all the highlights of Rason in 3 nights only. Ideal for a quick trip to North Korea or an extension of a trip to the "DPRK mainland!"

Day 0 Rason Taehung Fish Processing Factory in North Korea. This is a special economic zone in the DPRK

  • Arrive in Yanji, China. Our team has extensive experience in China as well as in the DPRK and knows this fascinating "little" city inside out.
  • We can help you book your flight or train ticket to Yanji and arrange your accommodation in a DPRK Hotel in Yanji if you wish


  • Ryugyong Restaurant - DPRK restaurant in Yanji. All staff members are from North Korea. The food is truly delicious here, this comes from our customers and team members! There is a performance put on by the extremely talented North Korean waitresses.

Overnight: Ryugyong Hotel, Yanji

Day 1


  • Breakfast: Ryugyong Hotel, Yanji
  • Early bus departure to Quanhe (泉河), border with the DPRK where will go through customs. Cross the border and enter DPRK. Your luggage will be thoroughly checked. We will fully brief you on the things that can and cannot be taken into the country before your departure to China and when we meet before the start of our Rason Tour.
  • Arrive in Wonjong and meet the local guides who will greet us there.
  • Transfer to the city of Rajin - drive on the Korean-Chinese Friendship road through the beautiful natural landscape. You will drive by farms, villages and a factory on the way to Rajin
Mangyongbong ship in Rajin, North Korea. This ship was used in the 1960s and 1970s to repatriate Koreans from Japan to DPRK disembarking in Wonsan
  • Lunch: Local restaurant, Rajin
  • Stroll around the city centre. We will see the Monument of the Sun. The Eternal President and founder of DPRK, President Kim Il Sung, is referred to as the Sun of the DPRK.
  • Golden Triangle Bank - unique opportunity to see a DPRK bank and locals there. There are several banks in Rajin, this is one is the biggest and very modern.
  • Rajin Port - chance to wander around the port. One of the unique aspects of Rason is that Chinese plated vehicles can be seen here. 
  • The port is home to the Mangyongdae Ship which was that used in the 1960s and 1970s to repatriate many Koreans from Japan via Wonsan.
  • Children’s Palace or Local Kindergaten - we will see an art performance set up by the local North Korean children of Rajin in a kindergarten. 
  • Stamp Shop - opportunity to purchase a wide variety of DPRK stamps and books. These are available in foreign languages too
  • Rason Tour Welcome Dinner: Local restaurant Kindergarten playground image in Rajin. Rajin and Songbong make the special economic zone known as Rason in the far northeastern part of DPRK (North Korea)

Overnight: Rajin Hotel, Rajin

Day 2


  • Breakfast: Rajin Hotel
  • Walk around Sahyangsan - picturesque mountainous area


  • Lunch: Local restaurant
  • Souvenir Shop
  • Art Gallery - a variety of artwork, including propaganda poster sytled pictures, can be found here
  • Kimilsungia and Kimjonglia Flower Exhibition - these flowers were named after the Leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. They actually sell seeds of these flowers here. Pictures of these flowers, together with the Magnolia (the national flower) can be seen all over the country in posters, pictures, carvings, etc.
  • Taehung Fish Shop - if you decide to buy fresh seafood here it can be cooked for you for dinner. Taking a look around here is also interesting.Emperor Hotel and Casino, Rason
  • Visit to a joint Venture - here we will be able to see the Rajin Shoes Factory and the Rason Textile Factory
  • Foreign Language School - great chance to meet the school staff and children and to give the students a rare opportunity to practice their English with a foreigner.
  • Walk by Rajin Beach Park - casual walk that will allow us see locals spend a leisurely evening.
  • Rason Tour Dinner: Local Restaurant

Overnight: Rajin Hotel, Rajin

Day 3


  • Breakfast: Rajin Hotel
  • Today we depart to the Pipha area
  • Pipha Isle- connected to the mainland by a sliver of land we will be able to swim in the sea here or take a boat ride
  • We will see the famous Emperor Hotel on our way to Pipha IsleBoat ride in at Pipha Isle, in Rason, North Korea (DPRK)
  • Sightseeing on a boat (optional, 100 RMB) - the boat ride is around 1 hour long and we will see sealions. The water here is surprisingly crystaline. Those who decide to stay on the island can relax by the seafront
  • Rason Taehung Seafood Processing Factory - you can see how seafood is kept here before being sold. You can of course try some if you wish!
  • Sonbong Revolutionary Site - point of entry where the Leader Kim Il Sung re-entered Korea after Liberation from Japan. His journey then proceeded to Wonsan and from there eventually back to Pyongyang.


  • Lunch: Local restaurant
  • Sungjondae - historical site dedicated to the heroic Korean Admiral Ri Sun Shin
  • Leave Rajin and head back to the Chinese border
  • Customs at Wojong
  • Drive back to Yanji

End of the 3 day Rason Tour

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