• Family gathering at the KimilSungia and Kimjongilia Flower Exhibition Hall on 15th April; the Day of the Sun
  • North Koreans watching a KTG traveller dancing in the park, Pyongyang (DPRK)
  • Bowling in Pyongyang (North Korea); Golden Lane Bowling Alley

2018 North Korea Group Tours

Please see our remaining Group Tours for 2018 below.


Our group sizes are usually the smallest amongst agencies specialising in offering tours to the DPRK. In the very unlikely case of having 19 or more travellers we divide the group into two; each traveller with their own guides and vehicle.

Tour Extensions

Bike Tours in Pyongyang with KTG!

Pyongyang Bike Tours

We now offer you the chance to extend any of your trips in the DPRK and enjoy a bike tour through Pyongyang. This is a magnificent way of exploring the streets of Pyongyang and of interacting with locals. You can also join any tour and have a private extension outside of Pyongyang.

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Tour Extensions to the North Korean border city of Sinuiju

Border Tours

Our Sinuiju borderland extensions now include a visit to Dongrim. This is available as you leave the DPRK (there is no need to exit the country and re-enter). We offer too tours in the Chinese border of Dandong and around China. Do please contact us for more information.

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Train vs Plane

We strongly recommend travellers to take the train at least once as it allows us not only to see more of the DPRK as we ride through rural areas and second tier cities, but it also gives us the chance meet Koreans who are leaving the country. Interacting, chatting and having drinks with them is always a fascinating experience. There are usually business people, sports teams, workers, soldiers and delegations on the train. Basically we have the chance to meet and chat with Koreans of all walks of life on the train, something much harder to do on the plane.

Application Deadline

Please apply by the application deadline at the latest, earlier if possible. Air Koryo currently do not always add extra flights on the same day so the earlier you apply for a tour the better in order to secure you a seat! If you apply after the application deadline we will be able to notify you within one business day if we can proceed with your application or not. Our partners can issue visas within 10 days before a tour departure but it can be hard to make transportation arrangements for late bookings so do please try to apply by the deadline!


Spend New Year's in Pyongyang!

New Year's Tour I

Date: 29 December - 2/3 January

Duration: 4 nights / 5 days in DPRK

Application Deadline: 2 December

Places visited: Pyongyang, Kaesong and Sariwon City


Train in / Train out: €995
Plane in / Train out: €1055
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Explore Mount Myohyang just after the New Year and see a museum built into the mountains where thousands of gifts for the Leaders are kept. This area is located in northern interior of DPRK

New Year's Tour II

Date: 29 December - 3/4 January

Duration: 5 nights / 6 days in DPRK

Application Deadline: 2 December

Places visited: Pyongyang, Kaesong, Sariwon, Mount Myohyang


Train in / Train out: €1145
Plane in / Train out: €1195
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What Rates Include

Please see below exactly what is and what is not included in our rates.

  • Transport costs from Beijing to Pyongyang and back
  • Pick-up and drop-off in Korea
  • All local transfer costs in DPRK
  • Accommodation at the Yanggakdo or Koryo Hotel (rated as Deluxe in DPRK, 4 star accommodation equivalent, twin room) unless otherwise stated
  • Three meals per day (B,L,D)
  • Guide service in English / requested language if other
  • Entrance tickets to all tourist attractions

  • DPRK visa fee (€50 if issued in China)
  • Optional special events that may be staged such as the Circus show or the Revolutionary Opera (€20)
  • Going up the Juche Tower which is optional (€5)
  • Upgrading room to a single one (€35 per room per night if upgraded before hand, €40 per night if upgraded on the spot). If travelling alone you can share your room with another traveller if you wish not to incur this cost.
  • Extra drinks/snacks (meals include one drink and bottled water)
  • Meals on the train from the DPRK to Beijing (60 Chinese RMB for a set lunch. You can also bring your own food)
  • Tips to tour guides (recommended amount approx. €45 in total)

Please check our 2019 Group Tours if interested in joining one of our tours next year. It is possible to add a tour extension either before joining the group or once the group tour has ended.

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