North Korea Museums - The Victorious
Fatherland Liberation War Museum

mural at fatherland victorious liberation war pyongyang North Korea Museums - The Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum is an enormous war museum illustrating the DPRK's struggle against the Japanese and, later on, the Americans. It has over 80 exhibition halls.

This war museum has a wide array of original military equipment, weapons and vehicles including US captured planes. An English speaking guide neatly dressed in a military uniform will guide you around explaining the North Korean version of the Korean War.

The most impressive part comes at the end where you will be taken to a revolving room and what is thought to be the biggest 360 panorama in the world. The background of the room is painted with battle scenes (according to the guides it took over 40 people more than 1 year to paint). Between the spectator and the wall there is a 13.5 metre distance 3 dimensional setting. There are original war elements such as weapons, military vehicles combined with huts, soil, etc. The whole thing is so realistic that it is hard to be able to differentiate the painted background from the 3 dimensional scenes. It then all starts revolving around the spectators.

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UPDATE: this original post was written back in 2008. The War Museum has now been moved to a new building adjacent to the original one. It is now a huge museum and Pyongyang highlight. The amount of effort and the grandiousness of the new museum are hard to describe in words! The USS Pueblo is now located here too.

We cannot take pictures inside the museum itself (it is ok to take pictures in the outdoors areas of the museum). There are now a wax museum sections showing Korean cities during the war, areas showing military camps in the countryside, the famous rotating war scene room (but improved), a giant statue of a young Kim Il Sung, new videos illustrating the DPRK version of the Korean War, all located in marble decorated premises. Even our US travellers have told us that this is a highlight of sites in Pyongyang! Please note that Koreans  are very friendly with foreigners including US citizens. America does receive quite a bit of criticism but this is at no moment to be taken personally and Koreans do stress that these are directed to the US government for political and historical reasons and not to the people.

Scene of the Korean War (1950-1953)

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