• Masik Ski pass marathon

Masikryong Ski Resort Marathon Tour II

Be amongst the first to run the Masikryong Half Marathon and ride by bike in Pyongyang!

The DPRK tourism authorities will be arranging the very first Half Marathon to be held in the Masikryong Ski Resort! This event is open to amateur Korean and foreign runners and KTG® have been invited by the Korean tourism authorities to promote it to our travellers.

This tour will allow you to not only see the capital, Kaesong city, the DMZ and Sariwon city, but you will be able to explore the east coast of the DPRK and be the first to participate in this pioneering sporting event in North Korea! A chance not to be missed!

Day 1 - September 19 (Monday)

  • Depart from Beijing at 12.05 flight JS 152 Terminal 2, Beijing Capital Airport
  • Arrive in Pyongyang at 12.35 (Pyongyang time)


  • Arch of Triumph - marking the arrival of President Kim Il Sung after having fought against the Japanese occupation of the Korean peninsula, it is larger than the Arch of Triumph in Paris
  • Fountain Park - chance to mingle with Koreans here
  • Mansudae Grand Monuments - Giant bronze statues of the Leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il
  • Views of Chollima Statue - the winged horse representing the national policy of rapid reconstruction of the DPRK after the Korean War
  • Brief walk around the area, see the enormous mosaic of the Leader Kim Il Sung's speech after the liberation from Japan in 1945 and Kim Il Sung Stadium
  • Hotel check-in: Sosan Hotel
  • DPRK National Day Tour Welcome Dinner: KITC Restaurant, Pyongyang

Overnight: Sosan Hotel, Pyongyang

Kim Il Sung Square

Day 2 - September 20 (Tuesday)


    • Breakfast: Sosan Hotel, Pyongyang
    • Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum - impressive building explaining the DPRK version of the Korean War to the smallest detail. The museum is new (it used to be in the building adjacent to it). It has a revolving panorama of battles, original weapons and vehicles used in the war and real sized wax statues amongst others.
    • USS Pueblo - US spy ship captured in 1968. It is held as a trophy in Pyongyang. The crew was held in the DPRK for about 11 months before being returned to the US.
    • Juche Tower - chance to go up the 150 metre tower (170 metres including the torch) that offers a panoramic view of Pyongyang.
    • Extended Ride on the Pyongyang Metro - at an average of 100 metres below ground we will take a ride with locals


    • Lunch: Local Restaurant (Pyongyang)
    • Kim Il Sung Square - major landmark in the DPRK, well known around the world for holding mass rallies and military parades
    • DPRK Bookstore - a short walk away from Kim Il Sung Square. We will have the chance to purchase DPRK published material that has been translated into English and other foreign languages.
    • Grand People's Study House - study centre and, as our guides will tell us, much more than just a library (which by the way has 3 million books)
    • Workers' Party Foundation Monuments - impressive monument consisting of a hammer, sickle and brush.
    • Drive to Masik Ski Resort - ambitious project built in 2013
    • Dinner: Masik Ski resort

    Overnight: Masik Ski Resort

    Day 3 - September 21 (Wednesday)

    AM Wonsan, DPRK

    • Breakfast: Masik Ski Resort
    • Masikryong Marathon - you can run the half marathon (21.0975 km) or the amateur marathon (10 km).


    • Lunch: Local restaurtant, Masikryong
    • Marathon Closing Ceremony and Prizes
    • Drive to Wonsan City - we head further east to the coast. This is a major port city in the DPRK. Many Koreans returned from Japan in the 1960s and 1970s by ship via Wonsan.
    • Walk around the pier - we will have a walk around here and see locals fishing, we will pass by the statue of a young President Kim Il Sung
    • Central Square - very lively area of Wonsan
    • Dinner: local restaurant, Wonsan (optional clam BBQ, extra 5 Euros)

    Overnight: Dongmyong Hotel, Wonsan

    Day 4 - September 22 (Thursday)

    Ullim waterfalls, North Korea (DPRK) AM

    • Breakfast: Dongmyong Hotel, Wonsan
    • Local Cooperative Farm - see how Koreans live and work in this cooperative farm.
    • Jandok Islet - with views of the waterfront of Wonsan
    • Local beach - chance to swim with locals


    • Lunch: local restaurant, Wonsan
    • Ulim Waterfalls - these were discovered by soldiers in 2001. Ullim means echo in Korean.
    • Cycling in Pyongyang! Helmets on! We will cycle in the city centre around 4km, unique and very uncommon way for foreigners to explore the capital city of North Korea.
    • Dinner: Local restaurant, Pyongyang

    Overnight: Sosan Hotel, Pyongyang

    Day 5 - September 23 (Friday)


    • Breakfast: Sosan Hotel, Pyongyang
    • Depart to Kaesong (Panmunjom, the DMZ) - we will have a break in the middle. As we approach Kaesong we will be able to see on our right hand side the famous Kaesong Industrial Complex as well as the train station that leads to South Korea and is still not in use.
    • Please note that there are military points on the way and it is forbidden to take pictures of these. We will be notified before passing each check-point.
    • 38th Parallel - chance to enter the famous blue negotiation rooms where talks between North & South Korea take place. We will also be toured around Panmunjom, see where the armistice was signed and we will be escorted by a DPRK soldier on our bus as is required on all tours. Most soldiers are intrigued to see what travellers think of the division of Korea and this presents a great opportunity to have a Q&A session with a DPRK soldier. The trip to the DMZ is too a highlight of our DPRK National Day Tour.
    • Koryo Museum (Kaesong) - originally a university in the Koryo Dynasty it shows what life was like then.
    • Stamp shop - a great selection of DPRK stamps and souvenirs available in this shop located just outside of the Koryo Museum.


    • Lunch: Tongil Restaurant (Kaesong) - The name means Re-unification Restaurant. Dishes are served in covered golden plated small bowls. With 12 bowls per person there is a lot of variety in the food served!
    • DMZ negotiation rooms in North Korea and South Korea, Panmunjom
    • Drive  to Sariwon City - we will explore the folk street in this city.
    • Mount Kyongnam - a 5 minute up to the local pavillion will allow us have impressive views of the whole city.
    • Stop at the Re-unification Monuments - good chance to take some pictures
    • Farewell Drinks at a local bar
    • Dinner: Local restaurant, Pyongyang

    Overnight: Sosan Hotel, Pyongyang

    Day 6 - September 24 (Saturday)


    • Breakfast: Sosan Hotel, Pyongyang
    • 10.10 am train to Beijing - if interested in flying back please do let us know, though we strongly recommend taking the train at least once as it adds to the DPRK experience


    • Stopover at Sinuiju train station bordering China - DPRK customs will be carried out on the train

    Day 7 - September 25 (Sunday)

    Arrive in Beijing at 08:31 am

    End of our Masikryong Ski Resort Marathon Tour

    Please go to our North Korea Tourism page to see more information on other tours that we offer other than our Masikryong Ski Resort Marathon Tour.


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