North Korea Music - Children's Palace

North Korea Music, Children's PalaceNorth Korea music is known for being patriotic and with themes evolving around the working classes, their achievements and those of the Leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

North Korean songs are structurally and rhythmically similar to those used in China during Mao's era on military occasions as well as those from the former USSR. Many songs are used in military choruses and bands.

At The Childrens Palaces in North Korea these "military choruses" are composed of children starting from the age of kindergarten. However, singing is far from everything that can be seen here. Children playing instruments, acrobatic shows and gymnastics, one would not really expect to see children carry out activities like these to such degree of perfection and would think they would only be attainable by professional adults.

Children's Palace, PyongyangChildren's Palace, DPRK

Left image: view from the frontsteps of one of the Children's Palace in Pyongyang. There are two schoolchildren's palaces in Pyongyang; the Mangyongdae Schoolchildren's Palace and the Pyongyang Schoolchildren's one.

Right image: Children reenacting swimming pool scene.


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