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Second trip to North Korea with KTG

by Jade
(Québec, Canada)

My trip was awesome. Everything was perfect. It's always nice to meet people from all around the world.

I saw Miss Tso, one of our guides on our last trip, a few times during the week. We even bumped into each other at a bar in Pyongyang. I was so happy to talk to her. 

My extension was really nice! We went to Pyongsong and Sariwon, but I think the best part was that we had the time to just chill in Pyongyang haha. My guides were fantastic, we did pratically everything I asked for. We played bowling, went shopping at the new mall, went to a new grocery store (I bought Skittles!!), we went to a few bars and they even let me walk around for like an hour. I was very surprised, but I think it was a good thing to be alone with them. They probably knew I wasn't a troublemaker haha. Miss Pak kept asking me what people were saying about her country in the news. I found her to be very honest.

They were both very cute, they almost cried when I left. They asked me to go back next year haha I couldn't say no!

Thank you again for everything, 


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