• KTG traveller playing games in North Korea (DPRK)

Private Trip review - July 2012

Hello Rayco, I hope everything is well with you.

I was very curious about DPRK, and I was concerned about security and how to obtain a visa. Fortunately everything was well organized by you that I felt very safe, and no problem about visa.

It a very interesting country, I met well trained guides, good hotel, and the places I visited were well kept and clean. Everything was well organized. KTG sent me beforehand all the explanation about photos, places of interest and even the itineraries to choose. Other benefits of my trip are the knowledge obtained, and the experience of visiting a country few people know or dare to know.

I have already recommended to all my friends KTG, because everything was well organised, most important everything was simple and made by internet. I had no problems and enjoyed very much my trip.
Espero que todo va bien con vosotros y que vuestra cia tenga exitos.



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