• KTG traveller playing games in North Korea (DPRK)

October 2011 Private Trip

by David

As expected, the experience was unlike any other - a truly fascinating and memorable glimpse into a world all its own. The travel itinerary was very well thought out and included a welcome mix of sites, scenary, services and cultural, historical and, of course, political insight. The friendly and suprisingly engaging guides made the trip even better. For anyone open-minded and curious about the DPRK, this is an encounter well worth pursuing and will no doubt provide more than a few lessons and stories to take home and consider.

As for our Korean guides, Kim Song and Oh-Mee, I would like to convey again my deepest appreciation and thanks for their professionalism, hospitality and friendship. They contributed so much during our stay and made it so much more enriching. I wish them both, as well as their families and friends, happiness, good health and the very best of success in all their future pursuits. And I do look forward to seeing them and their country again some day.

Thank you,


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