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Notes about a "different world"...

by René
(Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany)

Me with our two guides in front of the train bount for Beijing.

Me with our two guides in front of the train bount for Beijing.

Hi there!

It's great to see the new layout and webpage. Nice work!

My trip to the DPRK was in September this year. And what a great trip it was! Seeing North Korea with your own eyes and not on a TV screen was a superb experience. The countryside was unpolluted as far as the eye could see, Pyongyang was fascinating and so were the Mass Games. Especially the Mass Games...

As I am half-Taiwanese (and half-West-German) the case against visiting North Korea was strong. But now I am glad that I took the trip. One can never understand the Koreans from what we hear about their country every day. They are really nice people and even though their version of history and politics is absolutely different, we still need to remember that if we want to achieve more openness in their society we need to visit their country and show them that we, as Westerners, are not "evil".

I can only strongly recommend anyone to visit the DPRK! It's an experience of a lifetime and with the guys from KTG you will probably get the best price offered compared to any other travel agency for the DPRK.

Have a good trip!

Best regards from Germany,


By the way: In Pyongyang, do not miss the "Cold Noodles" (Naengmyong). They are delicious...

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