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North Korea Victory Day Tour 2014

by Neža
(Czech Republic)

Regarding our trip in DPRK, I must say you did a really good job. I was really happy that you responded our emails immediately and that you gave us advise about Chinese visa and other things. I felt safe and secure travelling to DPRK even if it seemed weird to choose a destination like that when I was still at home. I was a bit scared, because I didn't know if I will behave according to their rules. Those can sometimes be unlogical for Europeans and I was afraid to unporpuselly brake any of them. But luckily we had no problems with that. 

Our trip was very interesting. There were no problems at all. I really liked travelling in DPRK, especially because of the different system they have. I am quite sure I will visit the country again, with maybe different timetable. The one we had on this trip was interesting, I just missed more "moving". They took us with the bus to every single thing (like from one to the other building when we were visiting the factory). I understand that they don't want foreigners to walk around alone, but I bit more walking as a whole group would be great.

Regarding our trip, I liked the most the afternoon on the beach, because we had the possibility to really be at the same place with North Koreans for a while and be free to walk around. More of occasions like that would be great.

I was very satisfied with your services, so I would definitely recommend KTG to my friends.

Thank you again. I hope to travel with you again.

With best regards,


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