• KTG traveller playing games in North Korea (DPRK)

North Korea May Day Review - 2015

by Max

My main concern was being in such a foreign place with a government that is hostile to the US.

I got a good idea of what life is like for many people in North Korea and got to meet North Koreans personally, which I think helped a lot with the image of what North Korea is in my mind.

I liked the diversity of things we saw and the fact we had a small, air conditioned bus. I also liked that we had great Western and Korean guides the entire time who were helpful and let us wander a little bit.

Other benefits of the trip were good food and interesting people on the trip itself who were prepared to have a good time. Can't help stressing that the tour guides were fantastic.

Will absolutely recommend KTG. You guys were very very professional, knew your stuff, wanted us to have a good time and had a ton of experience to share with us 5/5. would rate on trip advisor. Unfortunately I can't like your facebook cause I dont have one myself but I have told a ton of friends about the trip and if any end up going, will DEFINITELY recommend you.

Thank you for the awesome time and, we got a great idea of what North Korea is like. 


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