• KTG traveller playing games in North Korea (DPRK)

North Korea June Group Tour 2014

by Frode

My main concern was security, even if I knew DPRK was one of the safest countries to travel to. I also wondered how strict the guides would be; if they would let us take pictures of everything we wanted. And if any pictures would be deleted at the border with China going back from our trip (I got to keep all my pictures). Everything turned out great; the guides had their limits; but they were totally fine be me.

I found that I now have more questions about the country than before I left :) I thought I would have all my questions, but now I have even more :) 

What I enjoyed the most was that our group was special. I have travelled a lot, but the group just turned out sooo good. We had a great time together. For me the highlights were the trip to Panjumjom and the mass dance we took part in. I think we all really found the mass dance special. The whole trip was just a big, joyful event.

I will recommend KTG!!! You manage to cram a lot in every day, so you get to see a lot. Your company also has excellent guides.

Our Korean guide Mrs Kim was just a sweet, sweet person.

Thank you for making the most of a trip I have wanted to do my whole life. If I should grade it, it would be a 10 out of 10!!!!!!!!


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