• KTG traveller playing games in North Korea (DPRK)

National Day Tour 2013

by S.H
(San Francisco)

I really had no concerns going to the DRPK despite being from the US.  In fact people that I knew were more concerned than I was.  They thought I would have trouble returning.  But, I did a lot of research and knew that as long as I behaved and didn't say or do anything offensive to DPRK or their people, then I would be fine.  The anti-American sentiment didn't deter me from visiting DPRK.  If I was concerned about anything, maybe it was having my pictures deleted.

I was relieved that the officers didn't check my pictures.  I didn't sense an anti-American sentiment from the guides at all.  They were open and honest with me and didn't treat me any differently than the other tourists.

I really enjoyed the Mass Games, which was the highlight of the trip.  That is the sole reason for me coming to DPRK in September versus October which I would have preferred as October is not as warm as September.  It was quite a spectacle seeing thousands of people perform in unison.

I will recommend KTG. The prices are competitive compared to the other major companies, group size was small, the Western guide Rayco was very accommodating, the Korean guides were professional and courteous, we had a safe driver and chance to mingle with the locals.



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