• KTG traveller playing games in North Korea (DPRK)

May 2012

by Florent M.

North Korea was fantastic!!! I really appreciated this trip. The group was constituted with very nice people with different level of knowledge about this country, and we had exciting conversations. The 2 guides were terrific as well! Mr O, the French-speaking was really far from what I was expecting. Open to discussions, having a very objective point of view about his country etc. Truly someone we all have appreciate.

I will travel back in North Korea some day, for sure. When I can have 10-15 days free within the next year, I'll get back to KTG and try to find you some clients (I'm already doing a big publicity for this country).

Thank you very much for everything you did, all the trip went very fine with no problem at all.

Florent M.

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