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Kim Jong Suk

Kim Jong-Suk was Kim Il Sung's wife and Kim Jong Il's mother. Born December 24 1917 in a poor family when Korea was occupied by Japan she left with her family to China at the age of 5. In 1932 she joined the Young Communist League lead by Kim Il Sung, joining the Korean People's Revolutionary Army's (KPRA) main division 4 years later. This unit was also commanded by Kim Il Sung.

An anti-Japanese struggle DPRK heroine, she joined the Communist Party in 1937 and gave birth a few years later to Kim Jong Il. She died when 31 while giving birth in 1949.

She officially became heroine of the DPRK in 1972. Known as "The Heroine of the Anti-Japanese War," her image is used by North Korean propaganda to show the revolutionary spirit of Kim Il Sung and his family.

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