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Jogging in Pyongyang - April 2011

by KTG

Below is a message from one of our customers who just got back from a private tour for President Kim Il Sung's 2011 Birthday and may interest anyone who is into jogging:

"I forgot to tell you that I was able to jog in Pyongyang like you suggested around the Yanggakdo hotel. I could see a beautiful walking path completely around the island that the hotel is on but no one could tell me how to get to it. I finally discovered the secret that you might want to pass along to anyone else who asks you about jogging.

Walk out the front door of the hotel to the flag pole. Just to the left of the flag pole are stairs. Walk down the stairs, then about 10 meters to the right is a dirt path that leads to another set of stairs down to the path. You can run about 2km total along the path--there are fences that prevent you from escaping beyond the hotel property. But, it's a nice place to run and there will not be another person!




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