• KTG traveller playing games in North Korea (DPRK)

Interaction with locals

by Anders

What a trip! I must say that having a small group was a plus as it let us get to know the guides more. They gave us quite a bit of leeway in what we could see, do, etc. We all know that there are several restrictions when going to the DPRK but as you had told us if you show interest in their version of things, their system you definitely stand a greater chance of having a more flexible trip and in some cases greater chances of interacting with locals.

The guides were extremely helpful and made great efforts in helping us find goods we couldn't find in stores we saw. As a bonus when in Sariwon they allowed us to drink some macolli (excuse the spelling), a korean drink, with locals in a local macolli bar where foreigners had never been!

Great experience!

Thanks again!

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