• KTG traveller playing games in North Korea (DPRK)

Great trip to North Korea!

by Anne
(The Netherlands)

View from the hotel: Juche tower

View from the hotel: Juche tower


Out of all the trips I ever made - quite a few - the trip to North Korea was undoubtedly a highlight. Some of the surreal stories I heard before turned out to be true, and sometimes were even positively weirder than I considered possible.

What I did not expect is that I would be doing some partying in the DPRK, but we did! The hotel has a swimming pool, karaoke bar, bowling alley and cheap beer, and after a whole day of sighseeing everyone needed a break. So we had some good fun in the surreal Alcatraz-like hotel :)

Would recommend anyone to go with KTG!

cheers for the great organization!


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