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Grand Magic Performance in the May Day Stadium in Pyongyang from April 18th

by KTG

February 21st 2011 Update

We have just received an official notice from Pyongyang saying that there will be a Grand Magic Performance from April 18th for 3 weeks time at the May Day Stadium in Pyongyang.

It will be staged every Wednesday and Saturday at 20:30.

Entrance fee is same as that of the Arirang Mass Games Performance.

3rd Class - 80 Euros
2nd Class - 100 Euros
1st Class - 150 Euros
VIP - 300 Euros

We will keep you posted with more details regarding this event.

Thank you,


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Mar 23, 2011
Pyongyang Hosts Large-sized Magic Show
by: KTG

Below is the description of the event we received from our partners in Pyongyang. Certainly not an event to miss if you are in North Korea while it is being held!


Pyongyang Hosts Large-sized Magic Show

The April Spring Friendship Art Festival has been held as a traditional event in Pyongyang, capital city of the Democratic People?s Republic of Korea, in the beautiful spring month of April. In addition to the festival, Pyongyang will host this year a new form of magic show in the May Day Stadium, where the grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance Arirang is staged every year.

A link in the whole chain of magic shows held in a few countries the world over, the magic show, prepared by the Pyongyang Circus, will present aircraft, a large bus, elephants and other giant objects and animals in their form.
Aircraft and a large bus appearing and then suddenly disappearing, elephants and other heavy animals appearing mysteriously, motorcycle performing fantastic skills, magicians floating in the air as if in a gravity-free space-all these will be presented in one large-scale artistic image.

Audiences will enjoy in Pyongyang a multifaceted artistic performance of a new mood, which, unlike the magic shows that were held previously in a few countries, presents a series of numbers in one show.

This magic show is to be performed by Kim Chol, a prestigious magician of the Pyongyang Circus. He is 50 years old this year.

He become an eye-catcher already in his teens, drawing the limelight of the magic circles.

He distinguished himself with his marked individuality at international magic festivals already in the 1980s, enjoying popularity with the audiences.

He is vice-chairman of the Magicians Association of Korea and leader of the magic production team of the Pyongyang Circus. At present he is a world-class producer and performer of pieces of magic.

His masterpieces include Warriors, Girls Reflected in Mirror and A Rich Catch pf Catfish, which are well known in the world for the unique skills and splendid conception.

The magic pieces of the DPRK have won more than 20 highest prizes, including the Grand Prix, at the Monte Carlo International Magic Festival and other festivals on ten occasions.

For the past 60 years since its inception in 1952, the Pyongyang Circus has produced 1200 works, winning 70 awards including 36 gold prizes at 38 international circus festivals.

The circus has performed on 35000 occasions in total at home and abroad, including 250 tours around the globe, earning international prestige.

The magic show is slated to open on April 18 (Monday) during the 27th April Spring Friendship Art Festival. It will be held twice a week, six times in all.

Application for tickets is increasing rapidly at home and even abroad.

Pyongyang and the beautiful balmy spring welcome visitors from around the world.

Pyongyang is fully prepared to accommodate every convenience to them.

Feb 21, 2011
re: Grand Magic Performance in Pyongyang
by: KTG

Please watch this thread for more details regarding the performance.

Kind regards,


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