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DPRK Trip Review

by Jeroen

USS Pueblo spy ship communication centre

USS Pueblo spy ship communication centre

My first concern was about me and my behaviour against the system and all the things I had to undergo. Being a citizen of probably one of the most liberal countries I was afraid I could be causing some troubles. The other concern was the system itself. How much freedom would we get in our trip. Could we take enough pictures, would we be controlled to much and so on.

But, thanks to the guides, I got a good but nevertheless one-sided view of the country...They were never to strict in their behaviour.

From the beginning I tried to stick to the rules of the country and respect the "feelings" of our guests. If there was a possibillity I chatted with everybody about the system.

Actually I enjoyed each and every minute of the trip. Like everybody else I guess, visiting the DMZ was one of my reasons to visit DPRK. To stay at the other side of the border of a so called free world. An other reason was to get an own opinion about the DPRK, just by being there.

By the way. Our stay in the other hotel was an event itself. I wouldn't have miss that either.

I will definitively recommend the KTG to anybody who wants to visit DPRK. My questions about the trip were answered in a proper and quick way. The trip is really great value for money.

Now that I have tasted a little bit of DPRK I want to see more of it.

Visited: June 2012

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